Inspired by teachers

During this week’s staff meeting, a few teachers who had won the award for being engaging in the classroom shared some of what they did in the classroom.

I enjoyed the sharing and was very glad that 2 of the 3 teachers hail from the History department.

Malcom shared about his history lesson. They are absolutely awesome. Wish I had a History teacher like that. I was also encouraged that when I was a teacher in the past, I did some of what he did too. He does a lot of role play in his classes. But the way he conducts his role plays is really skillful. From crafting meaningful, interesting and relevant scenarios and tasks for students to simulate to him dressing up as a character from history, it really literally makes history come alive. For example, he teaches the years under the Japanese Occupation by giving them a taste of what it would be like to be in school under the Japanese. The students get to experience a bit of what it was like. Really amazing teacher! Even as he was sharing, I could really sense his passion for the subject. It thrilled me too as history is something that used to me so much a part of me. I excelled in History when I was in school and went on to study History in the university and even did my honours in History. Subsequently, I taught History in secondary school for 4 years.  Although that part of my life  is history, it was a large part of my life, and definitely something dear to my heart, though its season is over. Anyway, Malcom’s passion for the subject really inspired me. I want to be passionate about the things that I do, especially the things that I believe in.

Khairani’s (also a History teacher!!) lessons uses a lot of ICT tools to engage student. This generation of students love IT and she taps on this to engage them. I love her Powerpoints. They are really lovely and I wish I could do such Powerpoint too. But more than that, I think what I caught from her was how she takes the effort to find out what students like and to use them in her lessons to engaged them. For example, she does a profiling of her students’ interest every year and try to use what they like in her lessons. I feel that’s important in trying to connect with them. Students appreciate it when teachers make and effort to find out what they like and to get into their world. That’s something that I hope to do to. So I am learning to observe the fashion they like, the singer/pop stars they like and google about names and stuff I hear to find out more 🙂


Mrs Chong

Went to vote for the Mrs Chong ad by MOE and watched it again. As always, it brings tears to my eyes.

There was some discussion as to whether this ad is appropriate as it crosses some boundaries. Teacher bringing student back to join family for dinner? Is that expected of a teacher? Is it wise to do so? Hence I hesitated to cast the vote though it was calling out to me whenever I log into my email account every morning.

This morning I decided that I liked it anyway and went to the website to vote and watched it again before I voted.

As always, I was deeply moved by the ad as education and students are something very close to my heart. To me, it encapsulates what it really means to be a teacher which the ad successfully brought across – to make a difference. By taking notice of a student with difficult circumstances, Mrs Chong showed him that someone cared enough for him. And that made him value himself too.

As educators, we need to see the value in every child and help him fulfil the potential that he/she has – something that Patricia King shared a couple of Sundays ago – seeing the value in every child.

Which brings to mind a picture of nurturing. A child is like a seed. Every seed has within it the potential to become a certain type of plant/tree and bear fruit/flowers. However, in order for it to become what it is intended to, it requires a lot of care and the conditions have to be right. Educators (I use the term because I am not a teacher but a school counsellor and I do feel I have an important part to play too!) definitely play a part in nurturing the child.

My heart is to play a part in raising up the next generation which is not just savvy and effective, but grounded in the right values, that will take this nation forward in the purposes of God. And in doing so, I hope to play my part in furthering His purposes here on earth.

Daniel’s first time to Sunday School

Last Sun, I brought Daniel for the very first time to attend Sunday School.

It was a wonderful experience 🙂 I’m sure he enjoyed himself, but certainly, I did.It gave me a better insight as to why our Lord Jesus loves children so much and why He said “Let the children come to me.”

It was a simple programme for the 15 month olds to 2. The Sunday School class for this age group is called “Kingdom Tots”.

It started with combined praise and worship for them together with the older age group. It was all very simple, due to the age group. Hence just  few simple songs with actions and the instructions and teachings was very simple too.

After that, they went back to class. There was snack time followed by playtime.

I found it very therapeutic, just watching the children play. They were just so simple and happy and watching them made me happy too 🙂 It had been a not so smooth-sailing weekend and watching them play made me forget my unhappiness. And I felt that the Lord’s presence was in the midst of them and it made me feel close to God being in the midst of them. Everyone of them was just so unique and precious and they each had a name. That thought just intrigued me.

I told Ivan and Pris that I will consider Sunday School for future ministry, something I never imagined I would in the past.

Becoming an Arsernal supporter

Last night, I watched soccer with my husband. His favourite team Arsenal was playing.

It was a great match. The kind I like, with lots of goals. Arsenal was playing Tottenham. The final score was 5-2, with Arsenal emerging the victor.

After this match, I decided that I would support Arsenal too. Before this, I was watching just to accompany Ivan. But I thought since I am watching with him anyway, it would make more sense to me if I find out more about the team like who the players are so that it will be more interesting to watch. Moreover, it is quite enjoyable to watch the team play and the players are quite good looking too 🙂

I learnt the name of one player last night – captain Van Persie 🙂

Cell Meeting 24 Feb 12

Thought I will do  quick post on the last cell meeting while it is still fresh just to capture some reflections so that I will not lose them.

I had a bad day. It had been a long day ….. tiring cross country school event plus some other issues later in the day that had somewhat made me wish very much that I was not taking the cell that night. I wish my husband would say, “Dear, you had a bad day. Let me take over the cell meeting. You just relax.” Unfortunately, like so many other times, my husband would usually not do what I want but what is good for me.

During the praise and worship, I just felt the reassurance of the Lord and a word that is liberating. The Lord said to just go ahead with what I had planned and He will be with me. I was concerned about whether I was doing things right. But it seemed like the Lord just wanted to work through the way I work, and that He wanted to work through my plans, rather then telling me what to do. I just felt so inexplicably relieved and liberated!

So this was my plan:

Energizer activity, discussion questions, prayer requests and prayer time.

And it went quite smoothly. The discussion was good. Although it was not the normal cell sharing by cell leader/core member approach, it was fruitful nonetheless. What I liked about it was the ministry that I saw one to another and how we learnt and encouraged one another through each of our sharing and discussion. I also liked it because it helps us to get to know one another better and how we relate to God, as well as our individual character and the way we respond and react.

Nice experiment while cell leader is away!