Cell Meeting 24 Feb 12

Thought I will do  quick post on the last cell meeting while it is still fresh just to capture some reflections so that I will not lose them.

I had a bad day. It had been a long day ….. tiring cross country school event plus some other issues later in the day that had somewhat made me wish very much that I was not taking the cell that night. I wish my husband would say, “Dear, you had a bad day. Let me take over the cell meeting. You just relax.” Unfortunately, like so many other times, my husband would usually not do what I want but what is good for me.

During the praise and worship, I just felt the reassurance of the Lord and a word that is liberating. The Lord said to just go ahead with what I had planned and He will be with me. I was concerned about whether I was doing things right. But it seemed like the Lord just wanted to work through the way I work, and that He wanted to work through my plans, rather then telling me what to do. I just felt so inexplicably relieved and liberated!

So this was my plan:

Energizer activity, discussion questions, prayer requests and prayer time.

And it went quite smoothly. The discussion was good. Although it was not the normal cell sharing by cell leader/core member approach, it was fruitful nonetheless. What I liked about it was the ministry that I saw one to another and how we learnt and encouraged one another through each of our sharing and discussion. I also liked it because it helps us to get to know one another better and how we relate to God, as well as our individual character and the way we respond and react.

Nice experiment while cell leader is away!


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