Daniel’s first time to Sunday School

Last Sun, I brought Daniel for the very first time to attend Sunday School.

It was a wonderful experience 🙂 I’m sure he enjoyed himself, but certainly, I did.It gave me a better insight as to why our Lord Jesus loves children so much and why He said “Let the children come to me.”

It was a simple programme for the 15 month olds to 2. The Sunday School class for this age group is called “Kingdom Tots”.

It started with combined praise and worship for them together with the older age group. It was all very simple, due to the age group. Hence just  few simple songs with actions and the instructions and teachings was very simple too.

After that, they went back to class. There was snack time followed by playtime.

I found it very therapeutic, just watching the children play. They were just so simple and happy and watching them made me happy too 🙂 It had been a not so smooth-sailing weekend and watching them play made me forget my unhappiness. And I felt that the Lord’s presence was in the midst of them and it made me feel close to God being in the midst of them. Everyone of them was just so unique and precious and they each had a name. That thought just intrigued me.

I told Ivan and Pris that I will consider Sunday School for future ministry, something I never imagined I would in the past.


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