Inspired by teachers

During this week’s staff meeting, a few teachers who had won the award for being engaging in the classroom shared some of what they did in the classroom.

I enjoyed the sharing and was very glad that 2 of the 3 teachers hail from the History department.

Malcom shared about his history lesson. They are absolutely awesome. Wish I had a History teacher like that. I was also encouraged that when I was a teacher in the past, I did some of what he did too. He does a lot of role play in his classes. But the way he conducts his role plays is really skillful. From crafting meaningful, interesting and relevant scenarios and tasks for students to simulate to him dressing up as a character from history, it really literally makes history come alive. For example, he teaches the years under the Japanese Occupation by giving them a taste of what it would be like to be in school under the Japanese. The students get to experience a bit of what it was like. Really amazing teacher! Even as he was sharing, I could really sense his passion for the subject. It thrilled me too as history is something that used to me so much a part of me. I excelled in History when I was in school and went on to study History in the university and even did my honours in History. Subsequently, I taught History in secondary school for 4 years.  Although that part of my life  is history, it was a large part of my life, and definitely something dear to my heart, though its season is over. Anyway, Malcom’s passion for the subject really inspired me. I want to be passionate about the things that I do, especially the things that I believe in.

Khairani’s (also a History teacher!!) lessons uses a lot of ICT tools to engage student. This generation of students love IT and she taps on this to engage them. I love her Powerpoints. They are really lovely and I wish I could do such Powerpoint too. But more than that, I think what I caught from her was how she takes the effort to find out what students like and to use them in her lessons to engaged them. For example, she does a profiling of her students’ interest every year and try to use what they like in her lessons. I feel that’s important in trying to connect with them. Students appreciate it when teachers make and effort to find out what they like and to get into their world. That’s something that I hope to do to. So I am learning to observe the fashion they like, the singer/pop stars they like and google about names and stuff I hear to find out more 🙂

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