Mrs Chong

Went to vote for the Mrs Chong ad by MOE and watched it again. As always, it brings tears to my eyes.

There was some discussion as to whether this ad is appropriate as it crosses some boundaries. Teacher bringing student back to join family for dinner? Is that expected of a teacher? Is it wise to do so? Hence I hesitated to cast the vote though it was calling out to me whenever I log into my email account every morning.

This morning I decided that I liked it anyway and went to the website to vote and watched it again before I voted.

As always, I was deeply moved by the ad as education and students are something very close to my heart. To me, it encapsulates what it really means to be a teacher which the ad successfully brought across – to make a difference. By taking notice of a student with difficult circumstances, Mrs Chong showed him that someone cared enough for him. And that made him value himself too.

As educators, we need to see the value in every child and help him fulfil the potential that he/she has – something that Patricia King shared a couple of Sundays ago – seeing the value in every child.

Which brings to mind a picture of nurturing. A child is like a seed. Every seed has within it the potential to become a certain type of plant/tree and bear fruit/flowers. However, in order for it to become what it is intended to, it requires a lot of care and the conditions have to be right. Educators (I use the term because I am not a teacher but a school counsellor and I do feel I have an important part to play too!) definitely play a part in nurturing the child.

My heart is to play a part in raising up the next generation which is not just savvy and effective, but grounded in the right values, that will take this nation forward in the purposes of God. And in doing so, I hope to play my part in furthering His purposes here on earth.


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