Incredible dreams

Dreaming, dreaming, dreaming …..

After Kingdom Invasion (KI), I am encouraged to dream again. Am encouraged by Bill Johnson’s messag that the Lord wants to fulfil the desires of our heart. The fulfilment of life comes through fulfilling our dreams. Some areas in our lives can only be fulfilled through co-labouring with im and having or desires realised and dreams fulfilled.  “Hope deferred makes the heart sick. Desire realised is a tree of life.” Provb 13:12.

Some incredibe dreams and wishes that I have some of which have been fulfilled.

– to be proficient and creative in the use of IT and media (eg. Do cool videos, ppts etc.)

– to have a loving husband

– to play the drums

– to do my masters in counselling

– to be a good wife and mother

– to have a career that I enjoy and effective in.

– to be able to make friends easily and relate well to all kinds of people

– to have good friends

– to look good and cool (even when I am old)

– to have a ministry in which I am effective in

– to create a lovely home

– to do a variety of different activities with my family

– to go SOL

……will add on as I think of more 🙂