Shepherding with integrity of heart

Recently, there have been a lot of scandals being uncovered in the education sector. Really saddened by reports of teachers and even principals doing things that are unbecoming of educators.

Needless to say, it brought much sadness to many of us in the service and management has been reiterating some of the ethics that we as educators need to uphold.

I read all these with a tinge of sadness as well as shock as to how someone as brilliant as a principal could have fallen into having links with online prostitution and worse still, having sex with an under aged girl. There has been many opinions on this topics which I listened and with my natural mind gave these some thought. Some feel that these men were themselves ‘victims’. It is after all very shameful for these men, some of whom are high flyers, to be brought to public awareness for an act which is arguably something small.

However, this morning, as I was reading some comments online on this topic, I felt a deep grief come upon me. I started weeping without even knowing why. I knew that it was the Lord, cos it was such a deep sadness that I knew was not my own. For a while I did not understand what exactly the Lord was grieved about. But I was glad that He would share His grief with me and that in some way, I could share His burden.

I began to ask the Lord what exactly He was grieved about? Was He grieved by the act that the men had committed? Was He grieved because the girl involved represented so many who were lost and did not have a direction in life? Was He grieved because of the state of the people – that some would think that the men are not at fault? ┬áBut I felt that the Lord was grieved at this – that some of these men had failed in the call that they had as educators – to sow into the lives of the next generations. To be called into the education sector is no small matter. Every educator is entrusted with the mandate of raising up the next generation. In the Lord’s terms, they are shepherds whom the Lord has called to look after and raise up the children who are so dear to His heart. However, some of them have failed in their duty and abused this trust that had been committed to them. They have taken advantage of their position and authority to harm those in their charge. This is what so grieves the Lord’s heart.

I really pray that those in the education service will not take their call lightly. I pray that they will shepherd the children not just with skillfulness of hands but with integrity of heart. That they will do their best to teach, guide, discipline and to stand guard for those under their charge. May there be many more such shepherds raised up that our next generation here in Singapore will be one there glorifies the Lord and take this nation from glory to glory.

Better and not bitter

Going through a difficult season of weakness. The past few weeks have been trying with eithe myself or baby Daniel sick. Even as I write, I am battling a nasty cough.

The last few days, my prayer has been that the Lord will help me to have the right attitude even in these little trials. May I pass these little tests and come out a better person. My prayer is that I will come out from each trial better and not bitter, emitting the fragrance of the Lord. I have been through some trials, which sad to say, I did not pass the test very well and cannot say that the trial has made me a better person.

By the grace of God, I pray that He will enable me and that I will not fall short of the grace that He has for every trial. Really want that brokeness to bring forth fragrance. I have realised from experience that brokeness can become hurts tha fester and leave a bad scar/taste. I really don’t want that anymore. May the Lord teach me again, how to walk through trials, leaning on the bosom of my Beloved.