Better and not bitter

Going through a difficult season of weakness. The past few weeks have been trying with eithe myself or baby Daniel sick. Even as I write, I am battling a nasty cough.

The last few days, my prayer has been that the Lord will help me to have the right attitude even in these little trials. May I pass these little tests and come out a better person. My prayer is that I will come out from each trial better and not bitter, emitting the fragrance of the Lord. I have been through some trials, which sad to say, I did not pass the test very well and cannot say that the trial has made me a better person.

By the grace of God, I pray that He will enable me and that I will not fall short of the grace that He has for every trial. Really want that brokeness to bring forth fragrance. I have realised from experience that brokeness can become hurts tha fester and leave a bad scar/taste. I really don’t want that anymore. May the Lord teach me again, how to walk through trials, leaning on the bosom of my Beloved.

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