Phuket Family Holiday Day 2

I had bad dreams on my first night in Phuket. I dreamt there were huge grasshoppers/locusts at my parents’ place. I was screaming in my sleep as I typically do when I see insects! Ivan says that it is probably because Thailand is not a very ‘clean’ place.

We went for our elephant tour the whole morning. It was fun! We got up, close and personal with the elephants. We went for and elephant ride and our elephant trainer allowed us to ride on the elephant (not on the seat) while he took photos for us. Of course he asked for tips for that. But we were quite happy to help him earn some extra money in exchange for a thrilling experience. Love the elephants. They are so big, strong, powerful and yet, so gentle. Sat in a cart pulled by 2 oxen too.

We wnt back to the hotel all hot and sticky as it was  hot day. We washed up and put the baby to sleep for his nap. While the baby was sleeping, Ivan went for a back massage which he thoroughly enjoyed.

At 3pm, we awoke the baby and took the hotel’s free transport to the shopping mall. Taxis are expensive!! 200 baht (about $8) for a 5 min trip!!

We walked around the malls for a while looking at souvenir items but did not get anything. Eventualy, we took a pit stop and did pedicure. Daniel was well behaved and sat in the pouch carried by Ivan while we both did pedicure. Daniel even helped me to choose a pretty nail art design for my nails 🙂 The pedicurist was also kind enough to trim Daniel’s nails  for free.

We had dinner at subway and then walked over to the night market.

I definitely do not like shopping at the night markets. Bargaining was painful. We made a few buys which we later found that we could have gotten the same thing at a lower price. After that, Ivan became more shrewd and tried to nail down the lowest possible selling price for the same item by asking around. There are tons of stalls selling similar items! Anyway, I find the whole haggling experience painful. We headed back to the hotel early (about 8 plus) as we were hot and tired.

I prayed that I would not have any more bad dreams.




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