Phuket Family Holiday Day 3

We put the baby for an early morning nap and headed to the beach late morning when he awoke.

Unfortunately, we were only on beach for less than 30 min before it began pouring. But still, Daniel managed to have some fun with the waves and sand. The waves in Phuket are really huge!!

We had a quick lunch at the hotel. I satisfied my craving for Phat Thai 🙂

The baby took a nap and I went for back massage. Unlike Ivan, I did not quite enjoy Thai massage. I prefer more relaxing and less ‘aggressive’ massage.

In the evening, we walked to shopping mall again. Along the way, we stopped for coconut drink and mango rice dessert at one of the stalls along the way. Yummy!

We had dinner at a nice Thai restaurant.

Shopping that night was more fruitful. Ivan bought 5 pairs of shorts to replace his old shorts (long overdued!!). Before going back to the hotel, we bought tons of Thai foodstuffs from the supermarket – tribute for family, cell group, colleagues and friends.






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