Phuket Family Holiday Day 1

Really enjoyed our recent family trip to Phuket. It was baby Daniel’s first flight!!

We awoke at 530am and set off to the airport at 615am. Our parents were all at the airport to send us off. We checked in and had breakfast at foodcourt with them.

Daniel was quite cranky during take off as he did not like being strapped to Ivan’s seat belt. We had to distract him with snacks and toys. Thankfully, once he could take off the seatbelt, it was much better. He did not sleep throughout the hour and a half flight. He was quite fascinated with the seatbelt, so that kept him occupied for some time.

Hotel was at the airport with car to pick us up. Journey to hotel took another hour.

We stayed at Sawadee Patong Resort. This is one of the hotels I love the most. It looked lovely and modern, just the way I like it 🙂 The staff were very friendly and warm.

For day 1, we just went swimming in the afternoon and shopping at the mall at night. The mall was about 15min walk from the hotel.We had our dinner at Black Canyon restaurant !! So excited to see Black Canyon!!

After dinner, we walke around the mall but our only buys for the day were stuff from the supermarket. We bought mineral water, some snacks, cute egg maker, beach toys for Daniel and some local Thai snacks for souvenirs. We took a taxi back as there were too many things to carry.


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