Phuket Family Holiday Day 4

It was a rainy day today.

It was pouring when we awoke and continued to pour for a good part of the morning. Hence we could not do much in the morning. While the baby took his morning nap, Ivan went for another massage. I just stayed in the room with Daniel and occupied myself on my ipad.

When the baby awoke from his nap, the rain seemed to have stopped. We decide to head down to the beach. We walked there – it was only about 10 min walk. Along the way, we found some cheap t-shirts and bought a few. Thank God the weather cleared up and we managed to spend some fun time at the beach. Daniel really enjoyed playing with the sand and we spent quite some time on that activity. After lunch we headed back to the hotel and spent more water time in the afternoon in the hotel swimming pool.

For our last night in Phuket, we walked to the shopping area for dinner. I enjoyed taking in the sights of the little town as we strolled that evening. Just love Southeast Asia, for some inexplicable reason and I was just enjoying the moment of being in the middle of life in this part of the world. We walked past shops, restaurants and some houses too. Life here is sure somewhat different from urbanised and modern Singapore.

We had an interesting dinner. We walked past a night market selling lots of local food and snacks. We just bought a couple of different stuff and headed back to the hotel with the food. It was a lot cheaper and yummier too than our previous meals in Phuket. So far, we had been going for restaurants and fastfood because of practical reasons – cleanliness and baby chair.

Hence concluded our family holiday in Phuket.

Tomorrow morning, we will be flying back home to Singapore.





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