Kids Kampong Nov 13

Was a public holiday. Decided to bring Daniel to Kids Kampong on an outing with Aunty Pris who did not have to work today. Ivan could not join us as he unfortunately had an online course to attend …. on his birthday too.

Had read about Kids Kampong and was looking for an opportunity to bring Daniel.

It was certainly much fun! My parents went as well. My dad kindly paid for our entrances which included a packet of animal feed each and also got a bucket and net for Daniel to catch fish …. as if he could!

We took turns to do longkang fishing with Daniel as it was tiring to squat and catch fish. It was the first time for me! My dad is quite good at it. I managed to catch a few and so did Pris. We brought back a good number of fish.

The fishing is probably the highlight of Kids Kampong. Besides longkang fishing, there was also rod fishing but we did not attempt that.

There were some other animals there….. ducks, chickens, rabbits etc …We spent the rest of the time feeding them.

A fun place for kids and even adults like me who have never done longkang fishing.








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