Experiencing the Lord’s goodness at KI 2013

Will never forget the Lord’s kindness towards me during this year’s Kingdom Invasion (KI). Did not experience any dramatic healing, but it was a special time for me for different reasons.

I was not that excited about KI this year as I could not attend the day sessions. It was not during the school holidays this year, so I could not attend since I did not have any leave apart from school hols and childcare leave.

I could only attend the night sessions, which we would have to bring Daniel. I was grumpy as bringing Daniel means I am only 20-30% present and 70-80% babysitting. My parents were away for holidays, so could not leave Daniel with them. Since Ivan was singing it also meant that I was on my own to pick Daniel and have dinner before the meeting.  It was daunting to handle Daniel on my own!

I started grumbling to my husband about whether the effort of going was worth the 20% that I could get from the meeting. He said just being there, and to experience the Lord’s presence and work is better than not going at all. He felt that it was a significant meeting that we ought to be there even if we could not give 100% attention. That silenced me and I decided to go.

Am glad that I determined to go. Am overwhelmed by the Lord’s goodness and how he made provision.

On the first night, I had dinner with Lynette Yeo. Short but good time of catching up and also feeling her baby bump! Gasp! So happy for my friend and shared in her joy. Ivan took Daniel to the backstage after he finished singing, so I could focus on the message. Had fun listening to Heidi Baker preach that night  . Particularly loved the word that was given about many children being born and singles finding their life partner. Claimed that word for all my single friends who desire to be married and am looking forward to more wedding invites. Also claimed the word on children for myself and for couples I know that are wanting and waiting for kids. After two miscarriages, the word given on children and wombs being healed certainly struck a chord in me.

There was only one day session – Fri afternoon that I might be able to attend. And my cell member managed to get a pass for me as her friend had a pass but could not make it for Fri afternoon session. Was much blessed during the session. The Lord spoke to me concerning my call and I was much encouraged. I had to rush back to settle some work matters in the evening before picking Daniel up and coming back for the night session so I decided to take a cab back. The queue for the cab was terribly long and there were not many cabs coming. Lo and behold, I saw a dear friend at the front of the queue who was heading towards the same area as me. Thus I skipped the queue and hopped on to share the cab with her. What a blessing. I was really overwhelmed by the Lord’s goodness in these little things which meant so much to me.


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