Indoor fun at KidzGo

Was a fun day for Daniel. He spent a good part of his waking hours at the indoor playground KidzGo at Tampines 1 today. It was an unusual Sunday as we had gone for Saturday service this week.

I had purchased a groupon deal for multiple entry to KidzGo. After brunch, we headed to the indoor playground. For the ‘morning shift’, I played with Daniel while Ivan went to walk around the malls. Daniel played for almost 2 hours till it was his naptime. I made him try almost everything at the playground including the toys.

We went back for the afternoon for Daniel’s nap and some chores. By 6, we were back at Tampines 1 again. Had a lovely dinner at Sushi Tei and then headed Kizgro again where Daniel spent another hour and a half there. This time, it was my turn to go shopping while Ivan played with Daniel and supervised him.

We were happy that we got our money’s worth for the entrance fee. Daniel played for nearly 4 hours! Have another groupon voucher, so will be back again soon before it expires in July  🙂





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