A crabby evening at the beach

Spent a short and pleasant Tuesday evening at the beach. When we arrived back at my parents place this evening, Daniel excitedly said that he wanted to go to the beach….he and my dad had been waiting for us to come back to go to the beach.

So we grabbed his beach toys and drove to Pasir Ris beach. Ivan went jogging while my dad and Daniel played with the sand. As he would usually do, my dad started digging for crabs. Me … I was just lazily admiring the sunset.

My dad found a few small crabs, as usual. There was also a couple with young kids digging for crabs. A while later, when they were leaving, they came over and passed their catch to us to ‘play’ with as they were leaving.

Their crabs were not the usual ones that my dad usually finds. Theirs were much bigger! Of course, not as big as the ones we eat, but definitely bigger. We wowed over them and started taking photos. Daniel was of course excited!

All too soon, it was time to leave. My dad released the crabs back into the sea and we headed back to the car.

It was a short but an nice trip to the beach. Refreshing after a long day at work. And the crabs were a lovely treat 🙂







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