First visit to the dentist 20 Apr 13

I am not a fan of the DENTIST and never planned for Daniel to visit one at such a young age.

Had a harrowing fright one night a few weeks back. Daniel had been complaining of pain on his tongue for a few days. We thought it was just ulcers. Then, his breath started to stink and we still thought it was ulcers. He started getting fussy and refused to eat complaining of pain. Only then did we realise it was actually his teeth. His gums looked really bad and there were ulcers.
I was really freaking out…. Started imagining the worst…poor boy having to go for surgery and losing his first teeth prematurely.

Brought him to the doctor first thing the next day. Thankfully, it was just gingivitis and the PD put him on a course of anti-biotics. She looked shocked to hear he does not brush teeth regularly. Daniel hates brushing teeth, as a result both daddy and mummy were too lazy to battle with him tot stick a toothbrush in his mouth. At the back of my mind, guess I didn’t see brushing teeth as being important as I only remember brushing my teeth when I started primary school.hence it became a neglected routine. Until this happened.

Thus started a painful process of getting the boy to brush his teeth day and night. Even got him a electric toothbrush to make our job easier. He wanted one as we are both electric toothbrush users.

And that brought us to the visit to the dentist today. Was quite a pleasant experience, though expensive! The dentist used strawberry flavoured stuff to polish his teeth. And he was generally quite cooperative. After that, she gave him some stickers to reward him for being a good boy. 10 min only but it costs as much as our own regular visit. But I certainly felt quite encouraged when when she said we had done a good job with the brushing, since his gingivitis, we have been very diligent to brush his teeth twice a day even if it meant lots of tears and struggles!




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