The smile on your face

Today, I saw a student for counselling. He had some family issues and there was an unpleasant episode taking place recently.

He was so downcast. I could not do much for him except to listen and to go through some coping skills with him to help him cope better. My heart broke when I heard of his family situation. I could not imagine the pain and the fear that he is going through. It broke my heart that he had to experience such unpleasant situations at a tender age. Anyway, I just encouraged him to focus on his exams and studies and other thing there were within his control like friendships and CCA since there was nothing much he could do about the situation.

Later in the day, I saw him with his classmates. He had such a bright smile as he was having fun with his friends in class after school. I wish I could capture that smile on camera.  The smile meant so much to me – that this boy was still able to smile despite what was happening in his life. That smile was so precious to me and I wished that he could always be happy and smiling. I am glad that in the midst of the storm he is in, he still does have moments of joy in his life.

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