Lost and found

What a yummy and unexpected breakfast. Julia called me this morning and told me she bought tau kwa pau for my breakfast.

Could it be that she found it? I wondered.

Just 2 weeks ago, when we drove past katong, I was just lamenting to her that my family was so sad that our favourite tau kwa pau had relocated.

The moment I saw it, I knew that was it. It was easy to identify whether something you grew up eating was the real thing. Enjoyed every mouthful of it and managed to message my family in between mouthfuls so that they could share in the joy of finding something that was lost for a while. As expected, they were elated!

Checked with my colleague further on where she found this. The stall has been relocated to the food court near katong hostel. Great know that it is still in the katong vicinity 🙂


Nice shoes that fit!

Wearing shoes has always been a painful affair for me. For most of the time, as far as I can remember, my feet hurt whenever I wore shoes. I would end up with painful blisters. Open toe sandals are much more comfortable for me. However, I am clumsy and not good with heels either. Hence, the selection of nice, comfortable and formal looking shoes for work is very limited.

Most of the shoes which I end up with mostly hurt – just a matter of to what extent.

Last weekend, I bought a new pair of Rockport shoes which I really love. They look decently pretty and I must say that the fit is really good for me. This is one of the few times that I manage to find shoes that fit so well that I do not get blisters! They are also my most expensive shoes by far at about $100 after a 20% discount…. but definitely worth it cos of the fit and the comfort!


So blessed by my new ministry

Am really blessed by my new ministry.

Last week, I edited another sermon. This time round, the process was not as smooth. For some reason, I encountered some difficulties that I was unable to resolve on my own and had to get help. Managed to get it done finally, after working at it for 2 nights and making a call to Dennis who had conducted the training for me.

Throughout the whole process, I just felt so blessed even though it did take up a lot of time and effort this week.

1) Really encouraged and moved by the sermon which I edited which was preached by Pastor Lip. Felt moved by this particular sharing at several points while listening.

2) Feel so much like I have found the joy of serving again.

3) It is an unseen, behind the scenes ministry – so in a sense feel like it is really unto the Lord.

4) Enjoy the new challenges



Recently discovered a new fragrance that I really love …… Glow by JLO.

Found a sample of it in my drawer sometime back and decided to give it a try. And I simply loved it!

Subsequently, I finished the bottle and kept the name of the perfume in mind….. to look for it the next time I travel. I don’t buy perfumes very often …. only when I travel ….I might get something as a treat 🙂

Looked for it last Dec when we traveled to Australia but could not find it. Last week, someone came to our school to sell perfumes and they actually had it. Placed and order and it arrived this week.

Tried it and realised that I really love it! I like it almost as much as my favourite perfume ‘Miracle’ by Lancome.

Love the fragrance as it is both flowery and fruit. Gives a fresh, clean and feminine feel. Also, it can last almost the whole day and doesn’t fade away like most perfumes do. Makes me happy 🙂


It’s been 5 years

This month, Ivan and I celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary.

Am thankful to the Lord for all that He has brought us through these 5 years. Though it is not a long period of time, it is a significant period through which the Lord has been good to us and has taught us how to dwell with one another. Through this 5 years, we have learnt very early on that we are both imperfect and that love is a choice that we have to constantly choose to continue to love one another despite our flaws.

Some things that I have been so blessed through our marriage:

1) Friendship. Over the last few years, we have come to trust and open up to one another progressively. And it is a joy to be able to talk and confide with one another on the things that are upon our hearts and to know that one is accepted. Friendship is also about being there for one another and to walk together through life situations together. It is also about supporting and encouraging one another and to give honest feedback that will help the other grow knowing that it is done out of love. I can always depend on Ivan to point out my rough edges and while that is sometimes very painful, it helps me to take the much needed steps towards change or point me in the area that I need to be renewed in.

2) Co-labourers. One of the joys of our relationship is co-labouring together. For now, it is particularly in the area of cell ministry. We will read through each other’s cell sharing preparation and give feedback, consult each other on our song set for cell worship, discuss about how the cell meeting went, share our heart/hopes/dreams/concerns for the people in cell and keep them in prayer.

3) Family. Since Daniel came along, life has been very different. Raising a child is tough but there are many moments of joy and experiences which we will never have just being a couple. We are thankful to God for entrusting us with the privilege of raising up Daniel. Daniel’s arrival has also brought us closer to our parents as we need their help and support since we are both working. We have had to make adjustments to our lifestyle and God has been good through it all. Certainly, parenthood was not as daunting as I imagined it to me. More often than not, it is actually fulfilling though not without sacrifices!

Just a short song that I penned 🙂

I am so blessed

That you’re here in my life

Everyday, you are here by my side

Let us take time today

To give thanks to the One

Who gave us each other

And He gave us His Son

There’s no greater love

That a man would give His life for a friend

Let us never forget

His amazing love for us

As we journey together in this life

I am praying

That we’ll always be true

To the call that He has for our lives

Let us always remember

To seek His face

And to live for His glory

Till we meet Him face to face

Mothers’ Day 2013

Was a lovely Mothers’ Day weekend. Would have been better if not for a nasty flu which made me feel miserable. Nevertheless, it really was a lovely weekend. We did not really celebrate it as we would be having our celebrations next week. But we stayed over at my parents’ place to keep Pris company while the rest of the family was away in Japan for a holiday. So it felt like a mini vacation of some sorts. Got to spend more time with Pris as she is now on no pay leave and at Bible school. Had a nice chat with her while Daniel was sleeping in between her trying to do her assignments. After that we went for a simple zi char dinner at Tampines. At night, after Daniel had fallen asleep, Ivan, Pris and I played with the new card game we bought – Lemonade Stand. Then we decided to sleep early as we had to wake up early to attend first service. Had a great time catching up with my sister. Ever since I got married, moved out and she got so busy with her work, rarely have time to just sit and chat for extended periods. So I really cherish such times.


First time receiving Mothers’ day gifts from Daniel, thanks to hardworking teachers from his childcare and Sunday school class.

20130521-141303.jpg           photo

On the day itself, we also had a ‘Celebrate Ties’ Sunday in church where there were lots of photo booths set up. Our cell group took a pic together to celebrate tis spiritual family we have.


Lee Lee did this for me too:


Also planned a mothers’ day celebration event for our mummies. Decided to do it a week after to avoid the crowd. Also because my family was away for holiday on the actual weekend itself.
We went to see the Tulipmania at Gardens followed by family dinner at Peach Garden noodle house at super tree dining. The tulips were pretty. My only gripe was that it was too crowded. There was a queue to buy tickets and a queue to enter the tulip area to see the tulips.

The food was quite good and did not take that long either, considering the crowd. The highlight of the dinner were the desserts served in coconut. Yummy! Too bad I forgot to take a pic of it.

20130521-142254.jpg      20130521-142254.jpg

20130521-142406.jpg 20130521-142326.jpg

IMG_0220 IMG_0244

IMG_0247 IMG_0249

A laughing good time

Last week’s cell meeting was slightly different from the norm. We had potluck and a time of fellowship. Had 2 guests with us too.

After dinner, we had a cosy time of just chatting with one another and singing our favourite old songs with some fellas on the guitar and one on the piano. Atmosphere was really warm 🙂

After that, we decided to play a game. It was a game I had bought for Ivan a few years ago for his birthday but we never got the opportunity to play it. It’s a large group game called “Left brain, Right brain”.

The concept of the game is broken telephone cum win/lose/draw. The idea was to pass a message down through drawing- the next person would guess the phrase – the next person draw – and this goes on and the final person will say out the final message.

It was totally hilarious as the message, needless to say, gets absolutely distorted when it got to the last person!

Took some photos to remember these funny moments!

‘A white jacket is a magnet for spaghetti sauce’ ended with ‘Favourite food of bridegroom stain on his shoulder.’


‘If you are rich you still need toilet paper.’ became ‘Paying for a packet of donuts.’