New Ministry

Started a new ministry ….Sermon editing …..went through the training and finally this week, it was time to edit my first sermon for uploading online on the church website!

Still trying to get the hang of things and unfamiliar with things, so a bit slow. Took 2 and a half hours to complete everything!  Thanks to my sister (ex-sermon editor) who came down to help me.

So far, I am finding it fun. I get a kick out of removing ‘not nice’ stuff like the ‘erms’ and the ‘ahs’ and whatever content that is not suitable for public consumption. Quite satisfying to make the speaker sound eloquent just by a few clicks of the mouse and keyboard! Technology never fails to amaze me at the ‘magic’ it is capable of! Never dreamt that an untechy person like me will have a techy ministry 🙂

My ‘boss’ (overall-in-charge of sermon editing) was very encouraging and told me I did well.

Today, a colleague of mine shared that he and his wife often listen to Cornerstone sermons when they go for their walks! I was much encouraged and secretly pleased to play a part in the whole process of uploading sermons online that would be a blessing to many.


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