A laughing good time

Last week’s cell meeting was slightly different from the norm. We had potluck and a time of fellowship. Had 2 guests with us too.

After dinner, we had a cosy time of just chatting with one another and singing our favourite old songs with some fellas on the guitar and one on the piano. Atmosphere was really warm 🙂

After that, we decided to play a game. It was a game I had bought for Ivan a few years ago for his birthday but we never got the opportunity to play it. It’s a large group game called “Left brain, Right brain”.

The concept of the game is broken telephone cum win/lose/draw. The idea was to pass a message down through drawing- the next person would guess the phrase – the next person draw – and this goes on and the final person will say out the final message.

It was totally hilarious as the message, needless to say, gets absolutely distorted when it got to the last person!

Took some photos to remember these funny moments!

‘A white jacket is a magnet for spaghetti sauce’ ended with ‘Favourite food of bridegroom stain on his shoulder.’


‘If you are rich you still need toilet paper.’ became ‘Paying for a packet of donuts.’




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