Lessons from playing Candy Crush

Love this so much and thought that it is so true!

My entire family and extended family, except for my in-laws and Daniel are so into Candy Crush! Notice I did not used the word addicted cos we are not! Anyway, in my family, I am currently at the lowest level at 87 😦 Gavan is leading the way at 275! My parents are way above me!!!

I thought this is interesting cos, some of these thoughts are going through my mind as I am playing it!

1) Persistence – totally agree with this one! There are so many times i felt like giving up this because it is so frustrating when you are stuck at a level. Been stuck at a level for weeks and it just seems so hard to breakthrough and efforts seem so futile. Why do i keep going ….if others can….i am not ready to admit i am not as good as them.

2) You won’t always understand what’s going on. Agreed. Sometimes, I don’t understand these game at all. Things seem so random and unpredictable.

3) Ask friends for help. I don’t like asking people for help. But no choice cos i need ticket.

And my friend added one more. To quote her ‘The worse feeling in candy crush is just missing to clear one more jelly and your moves are up and you are thinking, oh, I came so far and close to clearing a level and now have to start all over again!’

All in, I am still playing as it is fun when everyone around u is also into it. I love doing thing with others and connecting in this way and identifying in the ‘trials’ of being stuck at a level!



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