Recently discovered a new fragrance that I really love …… Glow by JLO.

Found a sample of it in my drawer sometime back and decided to give it a try. And I simply loved it!

Subsequently, I finished the bottle and kept the name of the perfume in mind….. to look for it the next time I travel. I don’t buy perfumes very often …. only when I travel ….I might get something as a treat 🙂

Looked for it last Dec when we traveled to Australia but could not find it. Last week, someone came to our school to sell perfumes and they actually had it. Placed and order and it arrived this week.

Tried it and realised that I really love it! I like it almost as much as my favourite perfume ‘Miracle’ by Lancome.

Love the fragrance as it is both flowery and fruit. Gives a fresh, clean and feminine feel. Also, it can last almost the whole day and doesn’t fade away like most perfumes do. Makes me happy 🙂



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