Nice shoes that fit!

Wearing shoes has always been a painful affair for me. For most of the time, as far as I can remember, my feet hurt whenever I wore shoes. I would end up with painful blisters. Open toe sandals are much more comfortable for me. However, I am clumsy and not good with heels either. Hence, the selection of nice, comfortable and formal looking shoes for work is very limited.

Most of the shoes which I end up with mostly hurt – just a matter of to what extent.

Last weekend, I bought a new pair of Rockport shoes which I really love. They look decently pretty and I must say that the fit is really good for me. This is one of the few times that I manage to find shoes that fit so well that I do not get blisters! They are also my most expensive shoes by far at about $100 after a 20% discount…. but definitely worth it cos of the fit and the comfort!



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