Lost and found

What a yummy and unexpected breakfast. Julia called me this morning and told me she bought tau kwa pau for my breakfast.

Could it be that she found it? I wondered.

Just 2 weeks ago, when we drove past katong, I was just lamenting to her that my family was so sad that our favourite tau kwa pau had relocated.

The moment I saw it, I knew that was it. It was easy to identify whether something you grew up eating was the real thing. Enjoyed every mouthful of it and managed to message my family in between mouthfuls so that they could share in the joy of finding something that was lost for a while. As expected, they were elated!

Checked with my colleague further on where she found this. The stall has been relocated to the food court near katong hostel. Great know that it is still in the katong vicinity šŸ™‚



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