SEA Aquarium

We visited SEA Aquarium last Sat. It was actually a belated birthday treat for Lee Lee. We had to postpone it in March as Daniel was sick. We finally managed to find another date we all could make it .

We spent the whole morning there. There was lots to see. I certainly did not expect to be able to spend such a long time there. Walking in, there was lots to see…..exhibits on life in various port cities.

Another thing which I did not expect was the crowd! There were lots of people and there was a long queue to go into the aquarium. Inside, there were people everywhere.

Nevertheless, it was quite an interesting visit. Loved the section displaying the shipwreck. Saw lots of different species of fish and sea creatures. Other memorable sights for me include the razor fish, starfish, jellyfish, octopus, reef sharks and sting rays. Was a pleasant outing with great company.

We finished viewing close to 2pm and headed to Chili’s for a late lunch. It was still packed, even at 2pm, and we waited a while for seats. But it was worth the wait cos the food was good!

Hope Lee Lee enjoyed her belated birthday treat as much as we did. My only complain is the throngs of crowds. But that is something I have to accept as part of living in Singapore it seems!

IMG_0475 IMG_0498 IMG_0502 IMG_0536_2 IMG_0557_2 IMG_0565_2 IMG_0568_2 IMG_0603_2 IMG_0608_2 IMG_0618_2 IMG_0655 IMG_0679 IMG_0684 IMG_0685 IMG_0686 IMG_0687


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