Bubble Legendary

We brought Daniel to watch a bubble show last Saturday at the Festive Grand Theatre.

We got to know about it while they were doing a promo for the show at Downtown East two weeks ago. We thought that some of the bubble stuff they were doing during the promo was pretty cool and decided to get tickets for the show. Daniel loves bubbles and we thought he would enjoy it. After seeing the short performance at Downtown East, he was going on and on about ‘Bubble uncle’ for the whole week.

Overall, it was pretty good entertainment, especially for the kids. There were lots of kids at the show. Lots of laser lights too and of course amazing stuff done with the bubbles by the father and son team – Fan Yang and Deni Yang. Quite fascinating. Think it is pretty cool to be able to do a show on making  bubbles.

Not allowed to take photos during the show, so only managed to get a few shots at the end of the show.

IMG_2211 IMG_2212

IMG_2234 IMG_2237 IMG_2241 IMG_2243 IMG_2246 IMG_2256


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