Girls’ afternoon out

Was an unplanned but nice afternoon out with my mum and my sister last Monday. I think the last time I shopped with my mum was for maternity clothes when I was expecting Daniel! Since Daniel came, there isn’t much opportunity to shop together cos either one of us will have to look after Daniel. And it’s not nice to ask my in-laws to look after him while we take off for shopping! We have shopped with him ….but that’s very very different!

Anyway, after our families came back from the Port Dickson trip which we had to miss because of Daniel’s illness (turns out he had a viral infection called Roseola), they were all anxious to visit him on Monday. Went for lunch together with my parents, in-laws and Pris and decided that I would go down to my in-law’s for the day and have dinner there. Since my father-in-law was on leave that day and around to help look after Daniel, I decided to take the opportunity to visit my grandma and do some shopping after being cooped up at home/hotel for the whole of the last week.

My mum and sis wanted to join me. We visited Mama at the nursing home first. She was quite lively that afternoon. Was ‘beating’ our hand for fun!


Pink crocs which uncle got for her!

Pink crocs which uncle got for her!

After that, we went to Parkway and spent a leisurely few hours there. Have almost forgotten the kind of shopper my mum is …. taking time to slowly look and check out every corner in the store ….the opposite of me – just zoom in, scan and zoom out if there is nothing. I am the ‘chop chop’ shopper while she is the meticulous shopper. And she often just ‘disappears’ into the racks and we have to look everywhere in the store before we find her!

We also had coffee and tea and did some girly coffee shop talk! Fruitful afternoon, not because I bought a lot of stuff, but because it was spent with family.


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