Hazy days

This week, we are in the midst of a national crisis. We saw the worst haze ever, with PSI hitting unprecedented level of 400 today!

Seems like this school holiday has been quite an indoor one for me. Last week, during camp, we were cooped up in the hotel as Daniel was unwell. This week, because of the haze, we are stuck indoors too. Lots of family bonding time together at home! Have to think of interesting things to do at home. Cooking is my latest hobby! I like to go out, so kind of not used to being stuck at home. But so far, it has been pretty enjoyable. Daniel does not seem to mind staying at home very much. Some of the activities he does at home: playing with his toys, puzzles, colouring and watching Chuggington videos.

Really praying that the haze will clear up soon. And may the Lord’s wisdom and grace be upon our dear government as they navigate our nation through this difficult time. May the Lord strengthen them and give them courage to bear the pressures and expectations as they act on behalf of the people. I pray that they will lead and make decisions with wisdom and a heart of love for the people of this nation. We will get through this!



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