Belated Father’s Day dinner

We had a belated Father’s Day celebration 2 Sundays ago. Was a simple celebration at my place with both our families.

Decided to go for home-cooked style and get all of us kids together to prepare a meal for the Daddies. Everything, from the main course to dessert was all home-made, except for the ice-cream!

This was the menu for the night:

– Salad

– Steak and Chicken Chop

– Cream pasta

– Butter raisin rice.

– Brownie and vanilla ice-cream

– Honey Lemon drink

Ivan and I prepared the rice, salad, steak and chicken. My sisters did the brownie. Gavan and Gina did the cream pasta. I was quite amazed that it only took us about 3 hrs in all to do up everything. The wonders of teamwork. It was good to see everyone contributing to the dinner.

After dinner, our parents relaxed – watch TV and played with Daniel. We played card games. Opened our new game Bang! We had an expert in the midst of us for this game – Gina! There was some initial lethargy to learn a new game with all the new terms. This game has a lot of terms that takes a while to get familiar with. Took some time to learn the various terms and functions of the card. We played 2 rounds – most of us (especially me and Pris) were quite blur during the first round. But after getting the hang of it, it is actually quite fun 🙂

Was a fun evening! Hope the Dads enjoyed the dinner 🙂

adora bake sistersbake



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