Highlights of Jun Hols 2013

This Jun hols was longer than usual. Our meetings in week 4 were all postponed due to the haze, so I had an extended break.

Was quite a fruitful holidays. I had a whole checklist of things I wanted to get done, errands to run and people I wanted to meet and I am glad I managed to do quite a fair bit, though not everything. Enjoyed myself overall as I had some time to do things that would be difficult to do while juggling ‘work’ and ‘life’. For a while during the holidays, ‘work’ is out of the equation, so no need to balance that! Yet, it can get pretty busy still!

Meet up with friends – Met up with some of my favourite girlfriends and Daniel’s godmas (sorry I don’t have everyone’s pic) whom it’s challenging to meet during term time πŸ™‚ Yup, some of them are educators so holidays is the best time to meet up. During term time, we are busy meeting students every day! Managed to take a shot with some friends whom I realised that we hardly have any picture together after knowing each other for so many years!

Managed to visit some of my friends who gave birth recently too. Been a long time since I carried babies and the feel of a newborn baby in my arms again is pretty cool πŸ™‚ Of course, as I listened to their stories, it also reminded me of the challenging first few months all new parents have to go through.

One of the blessings during school hols is that I can take time to do devotion and worship …. no rush πŸ™‚ Precious moments in His presence!

Get to be SAHM – going marketing, planning for meals, cooking dinner, sending and picking Daniel from school.

As I mentioned in my previous post, church camp was great!

Went on another date with Ivan – Spa and Monsters University πŸ™‚

Got my hair rebonded and a couple of other appointments like dentist and medical stuff.

Good time of bonding with Pris and my family too. Pris was also having her SOL break and would come over together with my parents to pick Daniel up from school and go out for lunch together during weekdays.

One of the best things about holiday also …. get to spend more time with Daniel and get to be his ‘favourite’ at home for a while. One of Daniel’s primary love language is spending quality time (which I think is the love language of most children) and the rare times I am even in the competition is during school holidays. Otherwise, Daddy is always the favourite! Sobs! His other love language is rough play which I suck at. I am the naggy voice asking them to be careful when they are having father-son rough play.

Feeling refreshed, recharged and ready to face the new term!













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