Great to be well again

It’s great to be well again ……. after being sick for the past 3 weeks! Some remnant cough left but definitely well on the road to recovery.

In the last 3 weeks, Ivan, Daniel and myself have each made 4 trips each to the doctors. We were all sick one after another for 2 cycles! Unbelievable. Really been a horrid month. Have been dishing out $50 bills to the doctors and finishing bottles of cough mixture and 2 courses of anti-biotics. In a bid to get rid of my stubborn cough, I even drank an almond concoction even though I hate almond stuff. We each went through 3 days of persistent fever too. And I feel so bad for taking so many MCs ……this bout of flu has cost me 3 days MC too! Not to mention that it was so physically challenging ….feeling so weak already and with a sick husband and baby too! Thankful to parents for their support during this period. Think it was challenging for them too as Daniel could not go to school for many days due to his diarrhea, hives and then flu. And he is still as active despite being ill. Wonder why …. I on the contrary was glued to the bed!

Having been feeling so weak and tired the past few weeks, it is really good to be well. On Sat, Daniel’s fever cleared, Ivan and I are both getting well except for a bit of cough left. Finally, things seem to be resuming some kind of normalcy. The past 3 weeks, it felt like just survival mode …… dragging self to work and falling into bed immediately after coming back….attending to whoever it was that happened to b ill……absolutely no strength and energy to do anything else. I was so sick of being sick!

Now that I am well, it really feels great! And I appreciate so much good health ….. having the strength and energy to work and do things. Things seem to require less effort now that I am well again. Feel like there’s so much to catch up with to make up for the last 3 weeks. And really don’t take good health for granted any more. Am praying for divine health for my family and myself (don’t think it’s a good testimony to be taking so many days of MC!). Really want to experience wholeness in the area of health and to believe that I can experience the blessing of good health. So this has become a regular prayer item and also want to take practical steps to build up my health … healthy, lose some weight, exercise regularly, diligently take my supplements everyday and get enough sleep.


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