Happy Long Weekend – Kids Amaze

It was definitely a weekend that everyone was looking forward too and certainly a long-awaited break in the middle of a busy term for me.

On Thurs, we wanted to take Daniel to Jacob Ballas gardens, however, due to the wet weather, we settled for some indoor fun at Kids Amaze at Safra Toa Payoh. Spent a good 2 hours there with Daniel. It is a pretty big playground with lots of structures to climb and a cool ball area. The highlight of the ball area is definitely filling the basket hanging overhead ….and when it reaches a certain point, it will tip. All the kids will  then scream and scramble to lie in the ball pool to wait for the balls to fall and rain down on them.

Definitely an enjoyable place for kids. Daniel loved the place so much and didn’t want to leave. One of the nicer indoor playgrounds we have been too. I love the many structures, tunnels they have and the size of the playground. There’s lots to explore. I did lots of climbing myself, going up and down with Daniel. Daniel was sweet. He waited for me to slowly climb and offered me a hand from time to time 🙂

IMG_1576 IMG_1593

IMG_1601 IMG_1717

IMG_1610 IMG_1621


IMG_1654  IMG_1697

IMG_1733 IMG_1718



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