My Birthday Celebration 2013

My birthday celebration this year was pretty simple but warm as it was celebrated with loved ones.

Celebration 1: Had birthday dinner with my family when they came to pick us up at the airport,

Celebration 2: On Fri, celebrated with cell group.

20130917-165730.jpg 20130917-165746.jpg

20130917-165806.jpg 20130917-165826.jpg

20130917-165835.jpg 20130917-165843.jpg

Celebration 3:  With JC friends

Celebration 4: Final celebration – Lee Lee and Xinyi celebrated our (Pris and me) birthdays. The Location – Big Sheila. Lovely place, good food and fantastic company. Thoroughly enjoyed the evening. It felt as if time stood still for a moment. We were snapping photos all night long. Lee Lee brought a polaroid camera and Ivan was snapping with his dslr. We enjoyed taking photos and posing all evening – tried many permutations! Highly recommend Big Sheila. Decent food and really cosy place for small gatherings. We felt completely at home and it wasn’t too rowdy or too quiet that we didn’t dare make a sound. The staff were helpful and friendly. The place isn’t big, so it is best to make reservations beforehand. Just a small fraction of the shots we took! Dun want to photo bomb!

IMG_4623 IMG_4624 IMG_4633  IMG_4677 IMG_4679

IMG_4715 IMG_4719 IMG_4712

IMG_4724 IMG_4729  IMG_4671 20130930-222954.jpg

20130930-223020.jpg  20130930-223037.jpg

Above all, sensed the deep love and favour of the Lord and am much blessed.

Agar agar with coconut layer

Thought of doing agar agar for cell refreshments this week, so got my mum-in-law to teach me. Her agar agar is always a winner when she does it every year during Chinese New Year, so what better person to consult! Moreover, cooking/baking sessions are therapeutic after a long day at work and excellent for bonding too. Talk about killing many birds with one stone!

1. 150-200 gm coconut shaving ( to squeeze 200 ml coconut milk)
2. 1 packet agar agar powder
3. 250 gm sugar (adjust according to preferred sweetness)
4. Pandan leaves (for fragrance)
5. 1 egg (to help coconut float to the top)
6. 800 ml water

1. Add a bit of water and squeeze coconut shavings to get coconut milk
2. Beat an egg into the coconut milk and set aside.
3. Boil the water, add the agar agar powder and add the sugar.
4. Pour in the coconut milk mixture into the boiling agar agar mixture.
5. Stir for a few minutes.
6. Pour the mixture into containers.
7. Cool and refrigerate.



My sister graduated from bible school

19th September 2013 – Priscilla Seow’s SOL graduation

I have attended the School of Leadership(SOL) – Tung Ling Bible college graduation ceremony a few times. But this one was different. Priscilla was graduating from bible school! I felt almost as excited as I would be if I were graduating. I usually cry during the graduation service! But this time I cried both before in anticipation and after when I thought how proud I am of my younger sister. First one in the family to go to bible school! Am really so proud of her. And she got a distinction too! And of course our family turned up in full force to support her and share in her joy. Graduating from bible school must certainly be one of the most significant moments and milestone in one’s life and I am glad to be able to witness this occasion and pray with her at the end of the service.

Ivan, Adora and I got her a Pandora bracelet for a graduation gift. Wanted to get her a bible charm to commemorate this special occasion but it was out of stock so had to settle for a pretty star charm.







Hong Kong 2013 Day 6

Final day at Hong Kong!

Our flight was in the afternoon at 330pm, so we still had the whole morning. We planned to go to The Peak. To save time, we cabbed up, although we didn’t save that much time in the end as the morning traffic was heavy.

There was not much opened at the Peak as it was still early, so we settled for McDonald’s breakfast again. I was feeling totally tired from the long day at Disneyland yesterday, so was kind of grumpy that day.

Our super tired faces …… coffee an absolute must this morning! Cheered up by the smiley sunshine face latte art 🙂

IMG_3974_bw IMG_3977_bw

Nevertheless, it was a worthwhile trip up. Had a good view from the Peak of the city. And the tram ride down was an interesting experience too.

IMG_3992_bw IMG_3997_bw IMG_4002_bw IMG_4019_bw IMG_4020_bw IMG_4031_bw IMG_4037_bw IMG_4042_bw

IMG_4057_bw IMG_4061_bw

Went back to the hotel to get our luggage and took a cab to the airport.

Had our last meal in Hong Kong Airport at Tsui Wah Restaurant. My fried rice was quite tasteless, but the noodles that Ivan ordered was really good. The buns with condense milk – their speciality was good too. And finally, I got a taste of good Yuen Yang in Hong Kong 🙂 Satisfied! For once, the milk tea was not too fantastic and tasted quite ‘siap’.


IMG_4121_bw IMG_4102_bw

IMG_4108_bw IMG_4114_bw IMG_4116_bw

Goodbye Hong Kong!


Overall, I really enjoyed this trip and fell in love with Hong Kong. Although this is my third visit to Hong Kong, I think it is only on this trip that I truly began to appreciate the beauty of this city. My first trip was many years back when I was still a teenager. My second was a history fieldtrip where we spent most of the day climbing the hills and exploring the terrain and military defence remnants of the battle of Hong Kong. This time round, I felt like I really got to explore this city. Love the theme parks, the convenient public transport, the markets, street shopping and of course the food! The people are warm, friendly and helpful too. It is similar to Singapore in some ways. It is a nice, modern city that has retained its cultural heritage and history really well I feel. I would love to come back again soon …perhaps within the next 5 years. Hope to visit Macau during the next visit as it is also a place with rich history.

Hong Kong 2013 Day 5

Spent a magical day at Disneyland. Daniel was able to take most of the rides! He was so excited that he did not even take his afternoon nap! Even at Ocean Park, he fell asleep in his stoller for 45 minutes.

The MTR train to Disneyland!

IMG_3191_bw IMG_3197_bw

IMG_3202_bw IMG_3203_bw

Welcome to Disneyland!!


We started off at Tomorrowland. Our first ride – Autopia. Probably Daniel’s favourite and the ride we had to queue the longest – about 20 minutes. Later in the evening, we came back for a second ride for this. It was a great day to be at Disneyland. We were blessed with good weather. Also, because it was a weekday – Tuesday, it was not very crowded and we hardly had to queue for most of the rides. Managed to covered almost all the rides except a few that Daniel could not ride.

IMG_3287_bw IMG_3292_bw

Orbitron flying saucer ride

IMG_3272_bw IMG_3278_bw

Picture with Buzz Lightyear! We took the Blast Lightyear Astro Blasters ride too – quite a fun shooting ride. This ride, we came back later for a second time.

IMG_3309_bw  IMG_3322_bw

IMG_3341_bw   IMG_3355_bw

We proceeded on to Fantasyland. Photos with the Disney Princesses 🙂 Some rides at Fantasyland we took – Cinderella Carousel, Mad Hatter Tea Cups, It’s a small world. Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Dumbo.

IMG_3348_bw  IMG_3368_bw

Sleeping Beauty Castle!


IMG_3410_bw IMG_3445_bw IMG_3505_bw


Lunch at the Royal Banquet Hall in Fantasyland

IMG_3433_bw IMG_3434_bw


Mickey’s PhiharMagic – 3D show




IMG_3518_bw   IMG_3838_bw

Photos with Disney characters

IMG_3468_bw - Copy IMG_3484_bw IMG_3488_bw IMG_3495_bw

Mystic Manor ride at Mystic Point. I regretted taking this. Unforgettable because I was scared to tears 😦  Actually, it’s not scary for most. Daniel didn’t seemed scared and neither were the rest of the people taking the ride! I am just lousy at taking scary rides!


Toy Story Land

IMG_3681_bw IMG_3699_bw

Managed to catch a glimpse of the parade just as it was ending.

IMG_3713_bw IMG_3721_bw


The Golden Mickeys show – entertaining and good music/singing


Ivan and Daniel went for the cartoon drawing workshop while I did shopped at the gift shop.


The grand finale – Lovely display of fireworks


Hong Kong 2013 Day 4

Started the day with breakfast at McDonald’s


We planned to go Disneyland today but changed our plans at the last minute. We were running out of cash and had to go change money first. Had to wait for the banks to open at 930am. We decided to change at the bank as the rates were much better than that offered at the money changer. By the time we were done, it was almost 10am – the time Disneyland opens! And we still needed about 45 minutes to get the by MTR. We didn’t want to waste a minute in Disneyland and decided to go there tomorrow instead after checking the weather forecast that tomorrow would likely be a sunny day too.

So we swopped some of our plans around. Decided to go Toy Street at Sheung Wan, Mid levels escalator near Central and look for the famous egg tart and century eggs which are in the vicinity. And we plan to lunch at Tim Ho Wan at IFC Mall. I also hoped to have time to pop by Jardine’s Market at Causeway Bay. However, we did not manage to squeeze that in. Was an interesting morning exploring more places and yummy food in Hong Kong.

Toy Street was cool! We bought another cute lantern for Daniel and one to give to Sarah too. Also bought him a set of car tracks by Takara Tomy. The price seems slightly cheaper than in the departmental stores. There were many other stalls there besides those selling toys and we spent about an hour exploring the market.

IMG_3061_bw IMG_3066_bw

IMG_3070_bw IMG_3074_bw IMG_3075_bw

We took a tram down to the the Central Mid level escalators.

IMG_3086_bw IMG_3080_bw

IMG_3096_bw IMG_3095_bw

Along the way, we exited the escalator and went in search of Tai Cheong Bakery to try the egg tarts. Ivan thought they were fantastic but I thought they were just so-so.


Next to find the century eggs highly recommended by Lee Lee from Yung Kee. We had to walk through a really tricky street which had a lot of traffic, slopes and difficult to navigate with a baby stroller. But we managed to find it 🙂 The eggs are pricey – about HK$70 for a box 6.

IMG_3111_bw  20130917-163201.jpg

Next, to get to IFC for Tim Ho Wan – something I have been looking forward too. Heard so much about it and the long queues since they opened an outlet in Singapore. Hopefully the queue is not as bad as One Dim Sum yesterday.

Walked a long way and finally go to our destination. Tim Ho Wan was crowded, but thankfully, the wait was just 15 minutes. Must say that it lives up to it’s reputation. Yummy dim sum! Ivan realised that he forgot to order the char siew pineapple but which was highly recommended. I am so glad he remembered. It is absolutely delicious – I think it’s one of the best things I have ever eaten.

IMG_3127_bw IMG_3128_bw IMG_3139_bw IMG_3133_bw IMG_3152_bw

Went back to the hotel in the afternoon for Daniel’s nap and headed out in the evening to check out the City Gate outlets. Did not have much time to shop as we had to head back for an early night to prepare for long day at Disneyland tomorrow!!! Bought a lot of t-shirts from Espirit for gifts for our family.


Hong Kong 2013 Day 3

It is our third day in Hong Kong. A little bit on where we are staying at. We are staying at Cityview Hotel which is very near Yau Ma Tei MTR. We chose it as it is near where all the markets are. The hotel is pretty basic but pleasant. It is under YMCA. The rooms are not big but the size is decent. The staff are friendly and helpful. Overall, we enjoyed our stay at the hotel.

IMG_2508_bw IMG_2507_bw

IMG_2354_bw IMG_2524_bw

For breakfast, we headed to Sham Shui Po to look for liver noodles breakfast at Wai Kee Noodle House. This was on our list of food to try. I must say that personally, this was the best meal I had in Hong Kong. When I last came to Hong Kong in 2002 for a history fieldtrip, I had this wonderful liver. It was unforgettable. I do not remember where I had it, so Ivan did some research to look for a good place to have liver. We ordered french toast for Daniel. It was good too. Highly recommend it! I tried the Yuan Yang – coffee with tea which is popular in Hong Kong. It was pretty average.

IMG_2990_bw IMG_2992_bw IMG_2988_bw


We spent the rest of the morning exploring the markets at  Apliu Street at Sham Shui Po, Goldfish market, Ladies Street, Sneaker Street and Flower market.

IMG_3008_bw IMG_3039_bw IMG_3042_bw IMG_3060_bw

IMG_3003_bw IMG_3020_bw


Headed to another place on our list which Ivan wanted to try – One Dim Sum. When we reached, there was a long queue. The estimated time – at least 45 minutes. Gasp! We took a number and went to walk around the markets nearby. We finally got a place at 2pm! The place is quite small and pretty cramped. Overall, I found the dim sum pretty average.

IMG_3043_bw IMG_3050_bw IMG_3051_bw IMG_3053_bw IMG_3054_bw

Went back to the hotel for Daniel’s afternoon nap. We were all exhausted and napped with him too!

In the evening, we took the MTR to Central station and walked to take the Peak tram to the Peak. From a distance, we saw a large crowd and long queue and decided to change our plans. We decided to check out the shopping malls at Causeway Bay and come back for the Peak on a weekday when it is not so crowded. Checked out Sogo and WTC at Causeway Bay. Pretty disappointing. There were no sales and the prices of stuff were pretty much the same as back home in Singapore. Decided to give up on shopping at the malls in Hong Kong. Had a yummy dinner at UCC at Sogo. First time I had good coffee since coming to Hong Kong. Think the milk tea in Hong Kong is much better than the coffee here. For a coffee lover, it’s pretty disappointing. But Ivan has been raving about almost every milk tea he has had, even the ones at Mcdonald’s!

1170757_10151880734698586_2077926393_n 1235176_10151880735278586_273675855_n

1239598_10151880735178586_1299948823_n 1003559_10151880734953586_877721755_n