Hello Kitty Circus of Life

Got my first birthday present last weekend from the hubs.

He had hid it in the house and asked me to search for it. So I went around the house with Daniel searching for my present. Lo and behold, it was in our storage bed.

Honestly, I was pretty stunned by the gift. It was nothing I expected! I do like Hello Kitty …. I am not crazy passionate about it. I most certainly will not queue for it. But to me, Hello Kitty is like my all time favourite character since young and I am still rather fond of it. So,  to get Hello Kitty for my birthday at my age was quite a pleasant and unexpected surprise. But I think Daniel was more excited than me to see 5 boxes of toys waiting to be opened! It even came with free alphabet flashcards for him. Really useful as we are currently trying to get him to recognize alphabets.

This is not the full collection though. There are still two more that can only be obtained through MacDonald’s delivery order which are missing – Hello Kitty Magician (Limited Edition) and Hello Kitty Daredevil(Limited Edition).

Had Hello Kitty overdose that night!


Hello Kitty Animal Tamer


Hello Kitty Trapez (My favourite!)

Hello Kitty Chimp with Hello Kitty Trapez

Hello Kitty Chimp with Hello Kitty Trapez


Hello Kitty Clown


Hello Kitty Elephant Jumbo

IMG_2222  IMG_2220



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