Hong Kong 2013 Day 1

Woke up early to catch our 8am Cathay Pacific flight. The good thing about an early flight is that we have a good part of the day ahead. Saw some familiar faces at the Singapore airport – a colleague and her husband also going to Hong Kong on the same flight. Also, bumped into an ex- student who is now a fine young man and he wished me Happy Teachers’ Day 🙂

IMG_2235 IMG_2256_bw

We touched down at HK International airport at noon. Had lunch at the airport at Maxim’s food – a food court. Food was surprisingly good for food court.

IMG_2292_bw IMG_2290_bw

Took a cab down to our hotel at Yau Ma Tei and we napped together with Daniel.

In the evening, we headed down to Tsim Tsa Tsui …. Wanted to look for Star Cafe …couldn’t find it and ended up having dinner in a little shop. It had many pics of HK stars who had been there and we decided to give it a try. Good choice! Enjoyed my cheesy noodles with hot dog. I tried Ivan’s sweet chilli chicken rice and it was not bad too.

IMG_2378_bw IMG_2369_bw IMG_2367_bw   IMG_2383_bw

Spent the rest of the evening walking along Avenue of Stars and enjoying the harbour view. The symphony of lights laser show was an interesting display of laser and lights at the harbour area. The lights on the buildings along the skyline of the harbour danced in tandem with the rhythm of the music – best I could describe!!

IMG_2423_bw  IMG_2417_bw   IMG_2444_bw

IMG_2474_bw IMG_2482_bw

Happy to find Cream Soda in HK!

Happy to find Cream Soda in HK!

Lovely start to our holiday 🙂


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