Hong Kong 2013 Day 2

Today, our main programme is Ocean Park.

We started off our day with breakfast at a restaurant opposite our hotel as we were too lazy too walk around looking for places to eat. We ordered pumpkin pork congee, custard buns, shrimp chee cheongsam fun, fried shrimp dumpling and siew mai. Food was good. The pumpkin pork congee was an interesting blend of flavours that worked. The custard bun was good too. The siew mai had a smooth texture to it and I like it cos it did not have the porky smell. Pork is not my favorite meat cos sometimes, there is this porky smell which I find distasteful. Am impressed that so far, all the restaurants we walked in serve pretty decent food, and these are not even in the recommended list.


IMG_2520_bw IMG_2523_bw


Took the MTR and bus to Ocean Park.

IMG_2536_bw IMG_2542_bw IMG_2544_bw IMG_2546_bw

Weather was good! There was no rain and a good day for outdoor activities. Ocean Park is quite big. It is divided into two parts – The Waterfront and The Summit and you have to take either the Ocean Express Train or cable car to get from once part to the other.

Some places we visited/rides we took:

  • Asian animals – the panda there was called Jia Jia too! Must be a popular panda name. There were also golden monkeys
  • Ocean Express train to connect from the Waterfront to the Summit
  • Polar adventures. Enjoyed this place the most. It was in a cold enclosure – a refreshing respite from the hot sun. Highlight for me was the snow owl! The penguins are cute too.
  • Dolphin show
  • Took a cable car back to The Waterfront

IMG_2583_bw IMG_2597_bw IMG_2632_bw IMG_2713_bw IMG_2727_bw IMG_2786_bw IMG_2791_bw IMG_2796_bw

Daniel’s favourite section is definitely Whiskers Harbour – this is the section for younger kids so he could take most of the rides here.

IMG_2854_bw IMG_2876_bw

Last stop was the Grand Aquarium. This is similar to S.E.A Aquarium at Resorts World we visited a few months back.

All in, Ocean Park was quite enjoyable. We went on Saturday which is not the best day as it was very crowded with lots of tourists.

Ended off the day with dinner at one of the food stalls at Temple Street. The food was just so-so but quite cheap.

20130915-192608.jpg 20130915-192621.jpg 20130915-192704.jpg

Explored the Temple Street market and walked back to our hotel.

Super long and tiring day!


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