Hong Kong 2013 Day 6

Final day at Hong Kong!

Our flight was in the afternoon at 330pm, so we still had the whole morning. We planned to go to The Peak. To save time, we cabbed up, although we didn’t save that much time in the end as the morning traffic was heavy.

There was not much opened at the Peak as it was still early, so we settled for McDonald’s breakfast again. I was feeling totally tired from the long day at Disneyland yesterday, so was kind of grumpy that day.

Our super tired faces …… coffee an absolute must this morning! Cheered up by the smiley sunshine face latte art 🙂

IMG_3974_bw IMG_3977_bw

Nevertheless, it was a worthwhile trip up. Had a good view from the Peak of the city. And the tram ride down was an interesting experience too.

IMG_3992_bw IMG_3997_bw IMG_4002_bw IMG_4019_bw IMG_4020_bw IMG_4031_bw IMG_4037_bw IMG_4042_bw

IMG_4057_bw IMG_4061_bw

Went back to the hotel to get our luggage and took a cab to the airport.

Had our last meal in Hong Kong Airport at Tsui Wah Restaurant. My fried rice was quite tasteless, but the noodles that Ivan ordered was really good. The buns with condense milk – their speciality was good too. And finally, I got a taste of good Yuen Yang in Hong Kong 🙂 Satisfied! For once, the milk tea was not too fantastic and tasted quite ‘siap’.


IMG_4121_bw IMG_4102_bw

IMG_4108_bw IMG_4114_bw IMG_4116_bw

Goodbye Hong Kong!


Overall, I really enjoyed this trip and fell in love with Hong Kong. Although this is my third visit to Hong Kong, I think it is only on this trip that I truly began to appreciate the beauty of this city. My first trip was many years back when I was still a teenager. My second was a history fieldtrip where we spent most of the day climbing the hills and exploring the terrain and military defence remnants of the battle of Hong Kong. This time round, I felt like I really got to explore this city. Love the theme parks, the convenient public transport, the markets, street shopping and of course the food! The people are warm, friendly and helpful too. It is similar to Singapore in some ways. It is a nice, modern city that has retained its cultural heritage and history really well I feel. I would love to come back again soon …perhaps within the next 5 years. Hope to visit Macau during the next visit as it is also a place with rich history.


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