My sister graduated from bible school

19th September 2013 – Priscilla Seow’s SOL graduation

I have attended the School of Leadership(SOL) – Tung Ling Bible college graduation ceremony a few times. But this one was different. Priscilla was graduating from bible school! I felt almost as excited as I would be if I were graduating. I usually cry during the graduation service! But this time I cried both before in anticipation and after when I thought how proud I am of my younger sister. First one in the family to go to bible school! Am really so proud of her. And she got a distinction too! And of course our family turned up in full force to support her and share in her joy. Graduating from bible school must certainly be one of the most significant moments and milestone in one’s life and I am glad to be able to witness this occasion and pray with her at the end of the service.

Ivan, Adora and I got her a Pandora bracelet for a graduation gift. Wanted to get her a bible charm to commemorate this special occasion but it was out of stock so had to settle for a pretty star charm.








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