My Birthday Celebration 2013

My birthday celebration this year was pretty simple but warm as it was celebrated with loved ones.

Celebration 1: Had birthday dinner with my family when they came to pick us up at the airport,

Celebration 2: On Fri, celebrated with cell group.

20130917-165730.jpg 20130917-165746.jpg

20130917-165806.jpg 20130917-165826.jpg

20130917-165835.jpg 20130917-165843.jpg

Celebration 3:  With JC friends

Celebration 4: Final celebration – Lee Lee and Xinyi celebrated our (Pris and me) birthdays. The Location – Big Sheila. Lovely place, good food and fantastic company. Thoroughly enjoyed the evening. It felt as if time stood still for a moment. We were snapping photos all night long. Lee Lee brought a polaroid camera and Ivan was snapping with his dslr. We enjoyed taking photos and posing all evening – tried many permutations! Highly recommend Big Sheila. Decent food and really cosy place for small gatherings. We felt completely at home and it wasn’t too rowdy or too quiet that we didn’t dare make a sound. The staff were helpful and friendly. The place isn’t big, so it is best to make reservations beforehand. Just a small fraction of the shots we took! Dun want to photo bomb!

IMG_4623 IMG_4624 IMG_4633  IMG_4677 IMG_4679

IMG_4715 IMG_4719 IMG_4712

IMG_4724 IMG_4729  IMG_4671 20130930-222954.jpg

20130930-223020.jpg  20130930-223037.jpg

Above all, sensed the deep love and favour of the Lord and am much blessed.


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