Yummy Waffles

I am not particularly interested in waffles ….. but these are really good!

Shane and Anne brought Lee Lee and me to D’zerts Cafe near Simpang Bedok to try them after Saturday Service. As it is more of a dessert place, so we had dinner first at Big Eater restaurant (just next to it) which sells zi char and is pretty good too.

It was light and slightly crispy. And I love the salted caramel sauce. I never really liked waffles but I love this waffle!! Worth every single calorie!!

It was a relaxed night for me too, even though Ivan was not around, thanks to Shane and Anne who helped to feed Daniel and entertain him!


D’zerts Cafe

30 Jalan Pari Burong, 488696



Recently, we had some sleeping breakthroughs …. Daniel is finally sleeping in his room through the night.

I was reading in a parenting book (Disciplines of a Godly Family by Kent & Barbara Hughes) that it is important for parents to be in control especially for young children. Young kids are dominated by their impulses and act spontaneously with little thought. Hence they need to be disciplined by parents to understand their boundaries and limits if not, there will be chaos. And most parents who lose control lose it when their children are very young – in the area of sleeping and eating.

This caused me to reflect on Daniel’s sleeping habits. On the whole we have managed to regulate his sleep quite well and he knows when it is bedtime and naptime and that it is non-negotiable. However, I did feel that I have ‘lost control’ in some areas with regard to sleep and decided it was time to take back some control!

Daniel has been coming over to our room in the middle of the night and squeezing in between us for the longest time. It then got so bad that he did not even want to go to sleep in his room but only on our bed. To encourage him to sleep through in his room, we slept with him for a few weeks in his room. We moved back to our bed 2 weeks ago. What a relief ….. how I miss my sealy bed! Initially, he started coming over in the middle of the night as usual. But one night, he came over and then decided to go back to his room! Nowadays, he doesn’t come over most nights but sleeps through in his room. Thank God! It is not pleasant to share a bed with a toddler who turns 360 degrees and to get kicked when u are asleep! Not to mention that it is a squeeze. And I am mostly not for co-sleeping save the occasional when child is sick/has nightmares. However, somehow, along the way, I gave in to co-sleeping out of convenience – none of us wants to wake up and put baby back to bed in the middle of the night in his cot. It is easiest to just put him in bed with us and we can all continue with our sleep.

Another breakthrough is that I (yes, me!) can finally put Daniel to sleep. For the longest time too, he only wanted Ivan. Finally decided to grit teeth and bite the bullet and go through with the training – for him to be weaned off daddy putting him to bed! Cos it was becoming really troublesome and difficult whenever Ivan could not be there to put him to bed. For the first few days, there was a lot of tears, screaming and kicking. But yesterday finally, no crying 🙂 There was some resistance …..but it’s getting better every time!

One of the things we did when we were encouraging him to sleep in his room was also to stick glow-in-the dark stars in his room!



Boys @ play

Daniel had a ‘playdate’ with Matthias and Aaron last week at Singkids indoor playground at Changi Airport T3. Michelle and I stayed in the playground with the boys while the husbands had tea at Ya Kun. It was a joy to see the boys running, climbing, jumping and having fun! Nice to have someone to chat with for once while in the playground. I had a good time catching up with Michelle while the kids played.

20131029-150937.jpg  20131029-150946.jpg

20131029-150959.jpg 20131029-151008.jpg

20131029-151021.jpg  20131029-151035.jpg


Prawning and Longkang fishing at Big Splash

My mother-in-law would be away for holiday for a week, so thought to spend some time with her last weekend. We went prawning at Big Splash. Managed to find a good deal on deal.com.sg. Our prawning was unfortunately, not very fruitful. Caught only 3 prawns with 2 rods after an hour 😦 Our worst prawning catch ever. This is probably because this is the first time we used live worms and were not very skillful with it. It was really disgusting to hook up and they slip off the hook easily. Felt like a lot of time was spent attaching the worm. And the only prawn I caught was using the chicken bait when I finally gave up on the worms.

After that we spent some time playing frisbee at the beach and had lunch at Sushi Tei …… have been craving for it the last few weeks but did not have the opportunity to go. Then we proceeded for longkang fishing. Daniel managed to catch about 20 over fishes …..some with our help. And guess what ….. ended up getting a proper fish tank for them the next day cos they couldn’t seem to survive in the small tank. We have new pets ….. just like that! This is the nicest fish tank I have ever had with landscaping too!

Hope I will have more success at fish rearing this time. Have kept fish on and off ….but find it difficult …. they are so sensitive and die easily.

IMG_4744 IMG_4745

IMG_4766 IMG_4778 IMG_4791 IMG_4801 IMG_4803 IMG_4808 IMG_4811 IMG_4820 IMG_4823 IMG_4828


Brunch at Wild Honey

Had a lovely brunch on a lovely midweek public holiday with a lovely couple at a lovely restaurant!

Was my first time at Wild Honey. Have read good reviews of the place but never been there.

There was a queue when we got there at about 1030am. It was quite cool as they had an electronic booking system and they will personally call you when the table is ready. We waited slightly over 30 minutes before receiving a call informing us that our table was ready.

It’s certainly well worth the wait. I enjoyed the food. The eggs were yummy and the portions were quite satisfying too! I found the price to be a bit steep though. I always find it a struggle to pay so much for …..eggs!! And was feeling the pain all the way back home …. went budget for the next few meals!! But guess it takes a lot of technique and skill to poach eggs.

I have to mention that my food took a little long and to make up for that, they gave a complimentary mushroom dish. I thought that was a really sweet gesture and was timely to appease a customer who was starting to wonder if they forgot her food. If only all restaurants can have this policy! I do not like waiting too long for my food and I can recall some past experience where I had to wait long for my food and it made the dining experience unpleasant.

This is what we ate. I was in a super non-camera mood that day so did not take even one photo. These photos were taken by Angeline. A pity I did not get a picture of the pretty and yummy strawberry cake that I ordered for dessert.

Really enjoyed the company and the relaxed – no rush leisurely morning coupled with good food …and of course coffee 🙂

Wild honey 1

wild honey 2

Wild honey 3

Matcha Cake

There is one cake that I have always been keen to try – Matcha. I luv all things matcha – from edible stuff to toiletries and perfume! Hence I thought to take the opportunity to bake one for Nami’s birthday celebration this week. This is prob my biggest solo baking project to date! Consulted my friend Janice who was very encouraging and recommended me this recipe from Allrecipes.

To prevent myself from changing my mind about doing the cake, I quickly went to get the ingredients, so that there will be no turning back and last minute back out! Managed to get some pretty good green tea powder from Sakura Fish Market at Parkway. This was one ingredient I was on the look out for weeks before especially after reading Janice’s blog on her experience using this recipe.

All in, I would say that it is not a difficult recipe. However, it took me longer than I expected. My oven couldn’t fit 2 trays, hence I had to bake each try separately to create the 2 layers needed for the cake. Also, the matcha icing was insufficient, hence I had to do up more which also contributed to the longer time. I also did icing to write happy birthday. All in, I took a whopping 4 hrs to prepare the cake from beginning to end!




Children’s Day Treat for Daniel

I had absolutely no consciousness of Children’s Day till this year. Working in a secondary school, Children’s day is not at all celebrated. It was only on the day itself when Daniel received goodies from his school that I realised it was Children’s day. At Children’s Church on Saturday, it was also celebrated – special activities and gifts for the kids.

Decided to bring Daniel out for a Children’s Day treat on Sat morning. Ivan was busy with church activities that day, so he could not join us.  The boy wanted to go to Downtown East as he wanted to take the train ride. Downtown East is not one of my favourite places. Tried to persuade him to go to the airport but he wanted Downtown East. Since the treat was meant for him, decided to go with it. We spent quite a simple morning to me – sharing a cup of yogurt ice-cream, got his wish of taking the train ride, eating Mcdonald’s happy meal. Tried to look for other kiddy rides (besides the train) but could not find any at Downtown East. Tried to fish for some toys at the arcade but no success! But he seemed happy nonetheless with the morning’s activities 🙂 Kids are quite easy to please! Some highlights of our mother-son bonding weekend to remember!

Yogurt from Yoguru. Chose some rainbow cornflakes topping simply because they look so pretty and colourful!


20131008-165637.jpg  20131008-165625.jpg


Happy Meal toy and free ribena for kids on Children’s Day!

20131008-165802.jpg      20131008-165827.jpg

20131008-165939.jpg  20131008-165926.jpg

Sunday morning breakfast and playground fun!