Brunch at Wild Honey

Had a lovely brunch on a lovely midweek public holiday with a lovely couple at a lovely restaurant!

Was my first time at Wild Honey. Have read good reviews of the place but never been there.

There was a queue when we got there at about 1030am. It was quite cool as they had an electronic booking system and they will personally call you when the table is ready. We waited slightly over 30 minutes before receiving a call informing us that our table was ready.

It’s certainly well worth the wait. I enjoyed the food. The eggs were yummy and the portions were quite satisfying too! I found the price to be a bit steep though. I always find it a struggle to pay so much for …..eggs!! And was feeling the pain all the way back home …. went budget for the next few meals!! But guess it takes a lot of technique and skill to poach eggs.

I have to mention that my food took a little long and to make up for that, they gave a complimentary mushroom dish. I thought that was a really sweet gesture and was timely to appease a customer who was starting to wonder if they forgot her food. If only all restaurants can have this policy! I do not like waiting too long for my food and I can recall some past experience where I had to wait long for my food and it made the dining experience unpleasant.

This is what we ate. I was in a super non-camera mood that day so did not take even one photo. These photos were taken by Angeline. A pity I did not get a picture of the pretty and yummy strawberry cake that I ordered for dessert.

Really enjoyed the company and the relaxed – no rush leisurely morning coupled with good food …and of course coffee 🙂

Wild honey 1

wild honey 2

Wild honey 3


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