Prawning and Longkang fishing at Big Splash

My mother-in-law would be away for holiday for a week, so thought to spend some time with her last weekend. We went prawning at Big Splash. Managed to find a good deal on Our prawning was unfortunately, not very fruitful. Caught only 3 prawns with 2 rods after an hour 😦 Our worst prawning catch ever. This is probably because this is the first time we used live worms and were not very skillful with it. It was really disgusting to hook up and they slip off the hook easily. Felt like a lot of time was spent attaching the worm. And the only prawn I caught was using the chicken bait when I finally gave up on the worms.

After that we spent some time playing frisbee at the beach and had lunch at Sushi Tei …… have been craving for it the last few weeks but did not have the opportunity to go. Then we proceeded for longkang fishing. Daniel managed to catch about 20 over fishes …..some with our help. And guess what ….. ended up getting a proper fish tank for them the next day cos they couldn’t seem to survive in the small tank. We have new pets ….. just like that! This is the nicest fish tank I have ever had with landscaping too!

Hope I will have more success at fish rearing this time. Have kept fish on and off ….but find it difficult …. they are so sensitive and die easily.

IMG_4744 IMG_4745

IMG_4766 IMG_4778 IMG_4791 IMG_4801 IMG_4803 IMG_4808 IMG_4811 IMG_4820 IMG_4823 IMG_4828



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