My favourite Christmas present this year

My favourite Christmas present for this year is an unexpected gift from a colleague. Was pleasantly surprise as I wasn’t expecting a gift from her. At first glance when I unwrapped the present, it was a lovely ornamental cross. I do not usually like ornamental gifts as I do not have much space to display them. However, the verse on this cross spoke to me so much and encouraged me much. Am tremendously blessed by this gift.



Home Improvements

My most satisfying accomplishment for this year end holiday has definitely got to be our minor home renovations, tidying up the house and doing some organization. We finally got down to doing some additional cabinets for our room, Daniel’s room and a long overdued study table. Because of the installation of the cabinets and cabinets, we were also forced to do massive cleaning and reorganisation. It was thus a pretty busy school holiday. Glad I managed to get everything done before Christmas and before I came down with a terrible flu virus which went on for a week. Even as I write, I am still battling the remnants of a nasty cough which keeps me awake at night!

Anyway, Ivan and I couldn’t be more happy with the state of our house now. We each have our own wardrobe now, so no more fighting for space. I like to complain to him that after we got married, I had to downgrade my wardrobe space cos have to share with him. Also, the house has never been neater since Daniel came. His toys can finally be nicely tucked into his cabinet and not in boxes all around the house. And I am so happy that I finally have a study table again since our old one collapsed two years ago. For the last 2 years, the study table has been the dining table or bed. I am the sort who likes sitting at a table to do work, so it really feels good to have a study table again 🙂 This messy wife also managed to put some order by organising the stuff in the drawers, cabinets and shelves.

Feeling so blissful with a neater house with everything in it’s place. Now the challenge is to maintain it!

Love our new long study table

Love our new long study table


Added another wardrobe to our room

Added another wardrobe to our room

Daniel's new cabinet with doors that double up as a whiteboard!

Daniel’s new cabinet with doors that double up as a whiteboard!