Drive thru dazzling Orchard Rd

I have been miserably sick the past few days with the end still not in sight. Caught a horrid flu bug from our relatives from down under. They caught it while they were in HK. This bug is sure nasty. Fourth day running and still feels terrible! I was so disappointed to miss the Christmas production by our church again this year 😦 Last year we missed it too as we were all down with gastric flu. Also missed a few Christmas gatherings with friends due to the flu. Was super grouchy and grumpy on Sunday. To cheer me up, Ivan took me and Daniel on a car ride through Orchard Rd on Sunday night since I was not well enough to go out yet. It turned out to be quite lovely. Have not had a chance to visit Orchard yet this Christmas. Though it was only a drive through the area, the pretty dazzling sights went a long way to add some cheer in the midst of this dreary sickness. Perhaps will do a walk through Orchard Rd next Christmas 🙂

20131228-092319.jpg 20131228-092258.jpg

20131228-092330.jpg 20131228-092343.jpg

20131228-092409.jpg 20131228-092527.jpg

20131228-092537.jpg 20131228-092606.jpg


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