Enjoying Christmas at the malls

One thing that I love about Christmas is the special shows and themes that malls have during this time. Before Daniel came, I seldom look out for what’s going on at the malls for Christmas. The only reason that I go to the malls would be to dine and to shop. But now, I am also on the look out for shows and activities at the malls during this season of the year.

I am actually quite amazed that almost every major shopping mall is dressed in a certain cartoon theme and has activities going on. Am thankful for Singapore family blogs that make an effort to compile the list of activities going on in the malls during the year end holiday period. We only managed to catch a few of them but it was good fun, even for an adult like me. Having children sometimes makes you relive or go through children activities that are really fun for adults too. Once again, I am reminded of how it feels like to be a child and do kiddy things.

Managed to catch a few of these shows in Dec. We went down to Junction 8 to catch the Care Bears. Closer to home, we went to Changi Airport which featured Spongebob Squarepants and Downtown East which featured Doraemon. I thoroughly enjoyed the Doraemon show even though I am not a Doraemon fan. Simply cute!

And the best thing about these shows and activities – they are mostly free 🙂

Doraemon @ Downtown East

20131228-093148.jpg    20131228-093204.jpg

20131228-093219.jpg  20131228-093227.jpg

20131228-093236.jpg  20131228-093242.jpg

Spongebob @ Changi Airport T3

20131228-173303.jpg  20131228-173314.jpg


Too short to take the slide




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