KI 2014

Am back with a much belated post about Kingdom Invasion 2014 after a long hiatus. The past 2 months have been a very trying time and I absolutely could not write though I tried! Decided not to force myself as to me, writing should be an enjoyment and not something I have to force myself to do. Trying to catch up with writing now that I am feeling a little better! This is my third year attending Kingdom Invasion and it was absolutely awesome! It was by far the KI I enjoyed most.

Am thankful that I was able to attend most of the conference as it fell during the March one week break and I was able to settle most of my work commitments before the conference started. This year’s conference was also the busiest for me. Although I was present at the conference most of the time, half the time, I was busy serving. It was the first time I was helping out in sermon editing and it was quite an interesting experience. I learnt a lot, thanks to Dennis, a seasoned sermon editor who patiently guided me through the first round of sessions I had to edit from the conference. I felt that I had so much more understanding of what I was doing after this experience. And also felt the adrenaline rush of trying to meet the tight deadlines to get the sessions out for those who wanted to get them during the conference. It felt good to be able to labour with the rest of the church so that this event will be a blessing to those attending especially the foreign delegates, for whom such opportunities to attend a conference like this is rare.

Besides that, Ivan was also helping out in altar ministry and we were also hosting guests during this conference. Pastor Nabil and his wife Ezel from Pakistan were staying with us for the period of the conference. We were blessed to be able to host them. Through the meals together, car rides and chats over supper, we made new friends. They are a wonderful and loving couple to be with and we enjoyed having them at our place for those few days. Daniel is very fond of them too and kept asking about them even after they left.

Was also very blessed by the atmosphere and the presence of God during the conference, even though for the sessions that I attended, I was really exhausted. But just enjoyed soaking in the atmosphere. The praise and worship by Martin Smith was also really liberating. Was particular blessed by the final day session by Bill Johnson where we also prayed for one another. Felt the Lord drop a few burdens upon my heart to pray about.

All in, it was a great conference, and one of the highlights of 2014 for me so far!





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