My sister is engaged

8 May 2014

Am happy to bits! Yesterday, my sister’s boyfriend, Zixuan, proposed to her. It was a sweet and touching proposal….but the details are not for me to share over here unfortunately!

Nonetheless, I am so happy for my sister, that she has indeed found someone to love and take care of her. It is indeed an answered prayer and once again a testimony of God’s faithfulness and provision. He is our heavenly Father and every good gift is from Him. I am amazed every time I hear of a love story written by Him.

Looking forward to their big day and their journey together as a couple.


Fishing at Bedok Jetty

18 Apr 14

It was a fun morning, going fishing with the cell family. For all of us, it was the first time fishing at Bedok jetty and only one of us had some fishing experience.

I borrowed fishing rods from my father which I had no idea how to assemble. Thankfully, there was at least one of us in the group who knew something about fishing and assembling rods! Not being early risers, we reached the jetty around 10am and the sun was already blazing hot! We found a spot and started assembling the fishing rods, which took quite a bit of time since only one of us knew how to do it. To avoid baking in the sun, I found an excuse to help everyone go get some drinks, together with Shane.

By the time we came back, all the rods were set up but no catch yet. One of us remarked that our target will be to catch a fish and then we can all pack up and go home.  It was no fun waiting and baking under the blazing sun! Then suddenly, Ivan caught a fish, and quite a good sized one. Everyone got excited and more motivated and hopeful.

We decided to change to another spot and there was a Malay lady beside us who was catching A LOT of fish. She kindly shared some tips with Ivan who quickly shared them with us.  As a result, within about an hour, all of us caught at least one fish, even Daniel, with Shane’s help! The weather was also much cooler. Our total catch was about 17 fishes, which we gave to the kind Malay lady beside us. We left for quickly to grab lunch as the weather looked threatening. Thankfully, we made it to the East Coast food village before it started pouring!

What an enjoyable morning! Think we will be back to fish more often as Daniel enjoyed it so much that he wants to fish again 🙂

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Art Jamming with fellow counsellors

3 April 14

Have to do a post on this as this is probably the only time I will ever go art jamming!

Art jamming was one of the activities which our cluster had planned for our peer support sessions. This is probably an activity that I will never go on my own. I am no artist and have always sucked at art since primary school! I don’t hate it, but it’s just something I don’t have a natural flair for. But since this is a group activity, I thought it would be a good experience and it would be nice to bond over a painting session.

We went to Arteastiq at Milenia Walk. It was a pretty cosy place. It was a 3 hour session from 11am-2pm. It cost $48 and includes a cotton canvas, free flow of paint, brushes and a beverage. I have never painted for such an extended period before and wondered how it would be like. There were lots of pictures for us to choose so that we could copy/get inspiration on what to paint. We chose our pictures and settled down to paint. I ordered ice lychee tea which I absolutely loved! I chose what I thought appeared to be a simple picture of a fish. But, I eventually realised that it was not as simple as it looks. What I found most difficult was mixing the paints to get the shade that I need. And the 3 hours passed quickly as there was lots to paint! Halfway through I was tired but persevered on as I wanted to bring home a completed work! I just managed to finish by 2pm. Some of us extended – $5 for each additional hour.

It was fun to see what everyone had painted. And they all looked pretty good! Some of us really had artistic talent! Julia really enjoyed herself so much and her painting looked so beautiful and effortless! We then realised that she took art at O level. No wonder! In fact, after the session, she was so inspired she actually went to buy art materials and it’s her new hobby 🙂

What an enjoyable self-care and peer bonding session!


My favourite piece – done by Julia

photo 1   photo 2

photo 3  photo 4

photo 5   photo 6

Post KI outing to the Gardens

15 March 2014

Felt guilty that we had been so busy with KI that had not have a chance to bring Daniel for any outing this Mar holidays. Hence, it was quite an impromptu and unplanned decision ….decided to bring Daniel to Children’s Garden at Gardens by the Bay. We have so much about it but have not been there. We had quite a fun morning. The dry play area is quite big. Lots of space to run around, lots of stuff to climb and explore too. And after that, while Daniel played at the water playground, we just relaxed as he self-entertained 🙂 Nice relaxing morning after a busy week!



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