First time making mooncakes!

It was quite a last minute decision I made last Friday to make snowskin mooncakes on Sat. I love snowskin mooncake! Happen to chance upon snowskin mooncake recipe and it looked relatively easy with no baking involved.  So on Sat Friday evening, before I picked Daniel, it was  a rush to get all the necessary ingredients. However, I could not get the mooncake mould as most of them were sold out and I did not like the few that were left. Anyway, I just prayed that God will provide the mould somehow and lo and behold, when I went to my Anne’s place  for  cell group that night, I realised she had one her mum had passed her which she does not use and so she passed it to me. How good is God!

I invited my sisters to join me and Adora came over on Saturday afternoon. Due to the quantity of filling we had, we had to make around 40 small mooncakes. It took us about 3 hours! I certainly did not expect it to be so tedious. Making snowskin mooncakes are not difficult but tedious especially since we were making 40 small ones. Had to individually weigh the dough and paste, roll out the dough, wrap the filling and put it into the mould for each mooncake! Am I glad my sister came over to help!

The mooncakes were pretty yummy, but I think the last 10 or so were not too good. To try and speed up, I had added more gao fen so that it won’t stick so much to the rolling pin and easier to roll out. But in doing so, the skin became really hard 😦

Nonetheless, am happy that the mooncakes turned out quite all right though there were some flaws. Glad to have the experience of making mooncakes – a first for me. Will try to improve on them next year and also try the baked mooncake next year!

This is the recipe which I saw and could not resist trying it out!

Mooncake1         mooncake 2

Yummy Japanese Food

With the nausea and bloatedness finally going away mid second trimester, I am able to enjoy my food again 🙂

Japanese is my all time favourite and was really glad to discover these 2 restaurants which really whip up yummy Japanese food. Best part is they are both in the east, so I don’t have to travel too far for good Japanese food. Both places can be crowded and it’s best to call beforehand to make reservations.

1) Megumi Japanese Restaurant 

I had Teppanyaki pan fried beef and it tasted amazing! The rest of the food around the table looked really good too, especially the sashimi, but will have to abstain from that for now.

Address: Lodge 77, 77 Upper East Coast Road s455218  Tel: 6245 3303


2) Momoya Japanese Restaurant

We went to Momoya for my mum’s birthday celebration this year. My sister has been here before but it’s my first time. My expectations were not high as the reviews I had read online were not impressive. We all decided to go for the buffet since there were so many of us and we could try a variety of food. We ordered an assortment of dishes and I was pleasantly surprise that that most of the dishes we tried were quite good. In fact, I really enjoyed the dinner. The food did not take long to come too, unlike some other Japanese buffets I have been to.

Address: 16 Jalan Pari Burong Singapore 488682   Tel: 62430700


National Day 2014

 8 – 9  August 2014

To celebrate National Day this year, our cell group had a potluck dinner followed by prayer for Singapore. For the potluck, we had to bring a dish which was red/white and also wear red/white in the spirit of national day!

Decided to bring Mee Goreng. I have never cooked Mee Goreng before so I did some research beforehand. Consulted my mother-in-law who can cook mee goreng that is quite delicious and also googled and read other recipes. Finally, this was the recipe I went with after combining all my research. And the result? Yummy! This is an easy to do one dish meal too 🙂

Mee Goreng (Serves 6 adults)


1) 2 packets of yellow noodles

2) Cai Xin

3) Tomatoes (2-3, sliced)

4) Bean Sprouts

5) Fish cake (3 pcs, sliced)

6) 4 eggs (beaten)

7) 1 large red onion (chopped finely)

8) Garlic (4-5 cloves, chopped finely)

9) Tomato Ketchup

10) Bottled chilli (I used Singlong Sambal Belacan)

11) Dark Soy Sauce


1) Add oil

2) Fry the garlic and onion

3) Add the vegetables, fish cake, tomatoes and stir fry quickly

4) Add the noodles – Mix and stir-fry together with the rest of ingredients.

5) Add the egg and stir fry evenly

6) Add ketchup, dark soy sauce and chilli (Unsure about exact amount as I added based on the colour and taste)

mee goreng

After dinner, we spent some time praying for Singapore followed by a time of charades on local topics.

cell national day

Here’s another birthday cum national day gathering I had with friends on National day itself.




Adventure Cove July 2014

Spent a lovely Saturday at Adventure Cove together with the Chous and the Lings, an outing that we had planned for earlier in the year.

It’s really nice to gather with other families. We don’t have many good friends with family and such outings don’t come by often.  The kids had fun together and the parents too. Daniel loves it and is really happy when he has friends to play with!

Although I was not able to try many of the water activities and slides, I had fun bobbing around the adventure river in my life jacket. The wave pool was pretty fun too. The only gripe was that being a Saturday, it was super super crowded. There were people everywhere and long queues for the slides.

The weather was really great. God is really good. It started to rain shortly after we arrived, but it lasted only for a while and for the rest of the day, we had really fine weather – it did not rain and it was not too hot either.


IMG20140719143642 IMG20140719153932

IMG20140719154352  IMG20140719161223

IMG20140719153956 IMG20140719155723

June Bakes

Since we did not travel anywhere for holiday in Jun, I managed to do some baking during the June holidays.

1) Lava Cake for mother-in-law’s birthday

Lava cake is one of Ivan’s favourite cakes and we decided to bake it for his mum’s birthday. We used this recipe from one of my favourite cooking blogs –

It turned out quite well and we managed to get the molten centre. However, we realised that this cake is best eaten upon baking. We tried one after baking and refrigerated the rest for the birthday celebration which was not on the same day. It still tasted good but the molten centre was no longer molten.

Lava cake       Lava cake 2


2) Carrot Cake

Did this tried and tested many times and fail-proof non-dairy cake again for Eliza’s birthday. Was too lazy to search and try out another dairy free recipe and she liked the cake quite a lot last year, decided to do the same one again! Since we will be celebrating at River Safari, decided to do it cupcake style so as to save the hassle of having to cut the cake. For the rest of us, I added the cream cheese frosting and they turned out quite pretty 🙂

Carrot Cake


 3) Egg Tarts

On the last week of the holidays, managed to squeeze a meet up with Xinyi. She came over and we baked egg tarts. I have been wanting to try baking egg tarts for some time as Ivan and Daniel both love egg tarts. Xinyi was game to try and I had all the necessary ingredients at home and so we decided to give it a go! The egg tarts turned out all right, but it was not the yummiest. The crust was a bit to dry for our liking. A more crumbly pastry would have been better.  Hence, I will not share the recipe I used. The search for the perfect egg tart recipe continues! Ivan and Daniel like the shortcrust Hong Kong kind. Personally, I prefer Portuguese egg tarts …. but puff pastry is something which at this point, I don’t think I want to attempt puff pastry yet!


Sentosa Staycation Jun 2014

Due to the pregnancy, I am grounded and unable to take the plane for this year (we did not want to take any unnecessary risks). Hence for the Jun holidays, it was just a one night staycation at Sentosa during the weekend as Ivan just had his long mc due to his fracture and could not take more leave.

It was short but fun. Thank God that we were all well. For the past few months, Daniel and I have been taking turns to come down with cough which was really irritating and quite disruptive to our lives! This time round, we stayed at Amara Sanctuary Resort. Was in quite a relax mode, so did not take many pictures.

We started the staycation with the Dora the Explorer Musical showing at Resorts World. Although he is a boy, Daniel’s all-time favourite is Dora the Explorer and her cousin Diego. He was all so excited and really enjoyed the musical. Personally, I was quite bored and almost fell asleep halfway! He liked it so much that he cried when the show ended!

We checked into the hotel and the boy had his afternoon nap while we just chillaxed in the hotel room.

When he woke up and we wanted to go out, it was pouring! We waited for the hotel shuttle bus. By the time the bus came, the rain was getting lighter, so we decided to head down to Palawan Beach. Happened to bump into a friend who works in Sentosa and he recommended us quite a yummy zi char stall at the Palawan Beach food court! We had rice and a few dishes and the food was really yummy! It was already dark by the time we reached Palawan Beach but we decided to spent the next morning here.

The next morning, we had breakfast at MacDonald’s and then headed down to Palawan Beach. Spent a good part of the morning having fun with sand and water play. We built a sand castle. We tried walking back to our hotel and realised that it was just a 10 minute walk from the beach! We headed back and spent some time at the hotel swimming pool before checking out.

After checking out, we walked to Palawan beach again and brought the boy for activities at the Playmobil event going on at the same time- story telling, dancing and playpit. What I found really cool was that we did not have to pay at all for the entire morning’s activities!

After lunch, we watched the bird show near the beach and headed home.

I was exhausted but happy 🙂 Really thank the Lord for His goodness. Though I can’t travel and this family staycation is really short, we did have quite a fun time together as a family.

IMG_4360 IMG_4367 IMG_4376 IMG_4377 IMG_4383 IMG_4401 IMG_4402 IMG_4405 IMG_4413 IMG_4418


Pregnancy Diary

Am finally writing about my pregnancy! Been rather inactive on the blog for some time.

It was near impossible to write during my first trimester. In fact, there were lots of things that were difficult to do, including reading and even browsing on my tablet.

This pregnancy is certainly more challenging than when I was expecting Daniel. I had nausea which lasted into mid second trimester. And I actually puked many times! Worse still, I kept coming down with cough and was coughing almost all through first and beginning of second trimester. Thank God I finally stopped falling ill in July. I could barely do much from April to July and was exhausted most of the time. Felt really unproductive. I am someone who likes to be up and about and it did not feel good to be so tired most of the time. I had to encourage myself to lift my spirits.

Thank God things got better from July onwards. The fatigue started to lift a little and it became much easier to function. Really thankful to God for a stable pregnancy. We are so much more prayerful this time round and do not take it for granted that everything will be ok. These last 2 months have been good, both at work and at home. Managed to get quite a bit done and also to prepare for the baby’s arrival.

Am at week 28 now and counting down another 10 weeks more to baby’s arrival. Still lots to do and time is passing quite fast!

Am praying that I don’t experience some of the discomfort I did during the third trimester when I was expecting Daniel. Eg. leg cramps at night, numbness in left hand when I woke up in the morning, bleeding gums, water retention. Taking more care also in these areas. Went to see the dentist few weeks back and also brushing my teeth and gums more thoroughly. Though I am not naturally a side sleeper, I am trying to sleep on my side as much as possible to improve blood circulation. I have a habit of drinking a lot of water at night which I am trying to cut as well to reduce the water retention.

Praying that my energy level continues to remain good and that third trimester will be a bliss! And of course committing my fears on the delivery – though it’s an elective c-section to the Lord. Last week, we had to sign forms for the operation and it spelled out all the risks involved and it’s kind of scary! Previously, it was an emergency c-section and I signed the papers without my glasses on, so not so aware and did not have time to worry about the risks! Lots of things to worry about at every juncture but really learning how to commit them to the Lord in prayer and to trust and have faith in Him. Believing that He is a faithful God who will see me through!

Will be trying to catch up on blogging as there are so many things and moments during the last 2 months which I wish to capture on record before my memory fades!