Maiden solo trip with two kids

Last Friday, I made my first trip by myself with 2 kids! It was only a short trip to the market near my place and to the playground but it was a personal accomplishment nonetheless!

Wasn’t planned though. I needed to go to the supermarket to get some stuff and decided to bring baby with me. I asked Daniel if he would like to go with me and he said yes surprisingly! He normally prefers to stay at home. So off we went. I was feeling a little nervous and reminded Daniel not to run off by himself when we were out.

It went pretty well….thankfully both boys were good and no fuss. Whole trip lasted about an hour 🙂 Certainly helps build my confidence for more solo trips with the boys in future!

Baby Ezra has not been the easiest the last few weeks. Was complaining to Ivan and he suggested that I find some way to celebrate and remember my successes and good times rather than just looking at my failures and the challenges, being the pessimist that I am. So I decided to write about milestones and this is the very first of them!



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